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    Louis Ferdinand Celine

    ...says the man who deleted my last post.
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    Louis Ferdinand Celine

    excuse me sir, but your chutzpah is showing
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    What Are You Reading?

    Finally bought my own copies of Burning In Water Drowning In Flame and South Of No North from a used books store. unemployed and spending money on poems...
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    What's your secret to getting a new job so quickly?
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    Who is Robert Becker?

    I want to say that Becker's real name was Robert Baume and he died in WW2. Can't remember where I read that info. Maybe someone can verify it.
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    Bukowski's effect on how you work (or don't work)

    How do I feel about work? _screams internally
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    Unbroken Circle

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    common mistakes when writing

    Perfectionism. A beginner will waste a lot of time trying to find just the right words. It's not necessary. Write something and edit it later.
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    My Improvised Beat Display - Buk Included!

    Well trolled, sir... well trolled.
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    TV series

    I would agree, and add that the unnaturalness of speech and behavior applies to nearly ALL television acting. I quit watching television about 10 years ago and now whenever I see TV acting it seems bizarre and unintentionally funny - especially in dramas.
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    Alcoholism - why didn't it destroy Bukowski?

    Uh, i'm just pulling this out of my butt here, but I from what I remember his "10 year drunk" was really only about 2 years, and he didn't stop writing, he simply wrote much less than usual. If my memory is correct, this happened when Jane died.
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    What Are You Reading?

    Can you imagine if Ben Pleasants and James Franco made a movie about this? Depression-era Bukowski flees from the FBI. He's drifting from one city to another working dead-end jobs and shacking up with women whose husbands are fighting in the Pacific. J. Edgar Hoover has his top G-men hunting for...
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    Bukowski, directed by James Franco

    kind of old news, but apparently the lawsuit against Franco has been settled.