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    How did Bukowski feel about sports?

    I think he fancied himself as a duker but somehow I can't see him having been much good at the caper. And interest in other sports....forget it
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    It's december again

    What's so depressing about January. New year, new beginning etc etc ZZZZZZZZ
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    A song that represents bukowski?

    Nothing Ever Happens - Del Amitri
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    It's december again

    Can't wait for December to be over and done with already. It's the worst time of year for suicides and this is no surprise, what with all the Xmas BS being rammed down your neck everywhere you go :eek:
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    Picture of you (yeah you!) in 1987

    Close to 1987 as I could find. 1989 at Dover. On the left
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    I used to be from Yugoslavia. Now I'm apparently from Croatia
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    Anyone in a corporate job?

    I worked for the government about 20 years ago. During an average day there'd be about 4 hours' work then you rang your friends or went for 3 hour lunches. After several years the boredom was driving me insane so I left. I'm sure the culture has changed since then but the stigma of working for...
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    Anyone in a corporate job?

    Up til a couple of years ago I worked in corporate environments (about 25 years worth). Applied for a transfer when the politics, political correctness, discrimination and other sundry things that drive you mental, got too much. I now travel the country putting up, ripping down, and refurbishing...
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    A good beating...

    I copped loads of beatings, most of which I deserved, and since none put me in hospital I what? The old man's beatings were painful; but nowhere near as painful as the sexually repressed nuns' beatings p.s. I sometimes wonder whether the severity and regularity of Bukowski's...
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    Hemmingway, drunk before noon.

    No. But I'd love to see footage of Jack Dempsey KOing Hemingway in earnest during a sparring session
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    I often dream that I'm unshaven and lo and behold in the morning my dream has come true
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    suicide wave

    I'd hazard a guess those poor bastards feeling driven to kill themselves by their employer are working in call centres. What was it Chinaski once said about living in cages with golden bars?
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    What are you drinking?

    I've got half a dozen bottles of Grolsch waiting to be drunk. They'll taste even better considering I didn't pay for them :p
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    The Fall (season)

    Autumn means winter is coming before too long and that's never a good feeling. I prefer Spring, where you can smell the season's change in the air. For a couple of months it's great then you boil to death in summer and complain about that too :D
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    Happy birthday loss of privacy and civil rights!

    Oh yes he did :mad:I distinctly remember the the news telling me Saddam had a large truck which lugged around this portable control centre. It was being tracked by satellite no less. Alas when the US attacked it mysteriously disappeared and was never found nor spoken of again p.s...