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    eating the father

    Thankyou for your help with these queries, I appreciate it. Everybody had something to say on the 'airplane incident'; I found "Eating the Father" rather flacid. The line "radiated men will eat the flesh of radiated men" (Dinosauria), had a much stronger impact on me.
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    The Slapping Scene

    I didn't like the 'slapping scene' one bit. It made me feel nauseated. (I was raised in horrific domestic violence). Only the very naive or ignorant would be unaware of the violence inherent in entrenched alcoholism. I certainly knew it was there, I didn't have to see it!. The producers may...
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    Bukowski: Born Into This

    Thanks Hank, this is the line that punched me!. I had to leave the room to collect myself. I suppose Buk was writing within the cold war environment. (The extent of cannibalism throughout Indo-China and the Asia-Pacific during WW2 was ferocious and horrible in the extreme. Very few people know...
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    Bukowski: Born Into This

    Hi All, I have another question related to the poems recited on the 'Born Into This' doco. One gave reference to cannibalism. Could anybody give me the name of this poem and which publication I am likely to find it in now, please?. Thankyou, Anna.
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    Bukowski: Born Into This

    "you begin to feel like a snob yourself and you give the guy at the next table a sidelong glance he catches you and you twitch your nose a bit as if you had just smelled dogshit then you look away and as you eat and drink you realize...
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    Bukowski: Born Into This

    Hi, I have just had the same experience!. I had never heard of Bukowski until I recently saw the doco, 'Born Into This' on Australian tv. It totally blew me away and I have been on a 'Bukowski binge' ever since. I thought 'Bluebird' was one of the most beautiful and optimistic poems I have ever...