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    What Are You Reading?

    I'm currently reading this actually. And yes, it is massive but a pretty quick. I have really enjoyed it. It is also incredibly helpful in connecting the fictional characters and situations in WSB's books to the real life individuals and occurrences that inspired them.
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    TV series

    I always thought that Big Love was kind of the sister piece to The Sopranos. I don't know if liking one show will mean you like the other, but they both dealt with complex male leads dealing with morally gray areas.
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    New here

    Welcome, and I am glad that Bukowski had such a positive impact on your life.
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    What Are You Reading?

    I never really could get into that one. I might try it again at some point in my life. However I did really enjoy Donleavy's "A Singular Man."
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    I like Bukowski and I have been looking for a forum

    Do people actually go bald down there anymore? I mean, we have penicillin and all, didn't that clear most of it up?
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    Dante's Internet

    I admit I am frequently guilty of saying that certain movies/books/shows/whatever will flop for no obvious reason.
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    Hello and welcome. I'm always happy to meet an English professor.
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    I'm here.

    Are you single, perhaps looking to mingle?
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    I'm here.

    He seems more zesty to me.
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    I like Bukowski and I have been looking for a forum

    No, I keep it real. The first sign of hair loss I'm shaving my head. I'm going to put down that receding hairline like a lame horse.
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    I like Bukowski and I have been looking for a forum

    so joining this place seemed like a fairly logical decision. Hello everybody.
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    Favorite Author (dead and still with us)

    Bukowski William S. Burroughs John Berryman Shirley Jackson Kafka Lovecraft TS Eliot
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    Last CD you bought/ Book you read

    Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane, although I am only about 10 pages into it so far.
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    William Burroughs

    I've always loved the Red Night trilogy. I found the Western Lands to be a little slow and dry, but I think both Cities and Dead Roads show a very developed, mature side to Burroughs.