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    here I go to mama

    Yes, you're right - it makes damn poor cocktail and it's worse than pure alcohol by far (I found the stink the worst factor) So you're ex-sailor, huh? That's interesting. My step dad had been a sea captain until he started drinking too much and had to switch to less demanding occupation. I...
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    the pothead thread

    Paranoya Came to conclusion (after some years) that I don't like the stuff. Switched to booze completely. I don't know why but hash and shit makes me paranoid. It was particularly scary when, after popping into that nice cozy caffee (those name I don't remember) I was walking down one of these...
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    here I go to mama

    here i go... Hey thanks for kind words and everything... It seems like that particular evening was unusual occurence. Normally I hate to write anything in this damn state of soberness. Perhaps you know the feeling...You tend to reflect too much on what you say. But thanks the same. Popato...
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    Jesus Christ! You sound like you might're a poet. Well, perhaps I'm joking a bit:) and perhaps not. Sounds corny, I know but what the Hell... Anyway, speaking of Buk's art I think there are a certain cathegory of people who can relate to that guy's books as if it's part of their own biography...
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    if you like bukowski...

    Try Knut Hamsun 'Hunger'. Once I read it I kinda realized why Buk mentioned it in one of his poems.
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    here I go to mama

    here I go mama Thank you all for a kind word of welcome. Yes, I'm glad I stumbled across this site. It seems to me this site stands among those rare ones where they don't pour some "Remember today's mum's day or Here, why don't you get yourself a credit card?' shit down your throat. I mean -...
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    Would You Suggest Writing as a Career?

    Speaking of Buk inspired poetry ... I've got some as well Dirty old man He was a man in his early fiftieth, small and sad looking With runny eyes and face that seemed to be Pushed to one side, the skin the color of a peeled potato Brown hands, pants Always sliding down his ass and...
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    here I go to mama

    Hi there everybody! I guess I'd have to introduce myself first. I'm ...well... who am I? Shit. You know, there are hundreds of words that might describe you as a person. Normally none of them are true. For instance you may say that you're 40 years old but then how come they keep asking you to...
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    Finland in here!

    Hey! Are you in Finland? I live in Turku. Jesus Christ, it is a rare treat to hear from someone who lives in the same country and who loves Buk!