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    Tom Waits

    Johansen has a myspace page with some tracks. I can't tell if I like it or not. A little too processed for my taste. The music and her voice. Heavy on the echo-y reverb. Sounds like theres some sort of harmonising done on her voice. She seems like...
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    How often do you drink?

    Holy dog shit I thought I was the only other person who had heard of Rat Park! Papa Luke with the science assist. Yeah as soon as I read about Rat Park, my hunch seemed valid. Now I see so many true examples of it in real life.
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    Groups you WOULD like to see reunite

    Kind of off topic, but just found out NIN has a new cd out free for download on NIN site. Also put out a four disc set, which can also be downloaded for as low as $5. theres other download options for various prices. Trent Reznor finally got out of his contract and is doing things the way he...
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    How often do you drink?

    Roughly 4-5 days a week. Sometimes every day. I recently took a week off, broke that sobriety the other night. And I drink to get loaded. I rarely go moderate on anything in life. That can be seen as a positive or negative depending on the situation. It is probably too often. But as I...
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    Most embarrassing worst CD album tape

    I had bought Vanilla Ice's newer cd when it came out. You know when he went all "hard" and "edgy". What can I say, I was smoking a lot of pot at that point in my life. Other than that, theres been a few independent musicians cds I've bought that turned out to be big pieces of shit. But the...
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    Last CD you bought/ Book you read

    cd: the essential Leonard Cohen reading: April issue of Scientific American (I have May, just haven't started). I like science, there I said it, I'm a geek. I man cannot subsist on fiction alone.
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    Groups you WOULD like to see reunite

    Good news, Rage Against The Machine is back together! Original members as far as I know. They're mostly doing shows in Europe. IMO they are everything a rock band should be. Proficient, angry, and actually have something to say. Hopefully they do some more shows in the states. They could...
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    Don't Try - what would/will your epitaph be?

    "Believe you won't die today, that way you will always be right. Except for once. Thats a good track record. And no one will be able to say 'Told you so.' Because you are dead."
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    about we of the tender souls...

    It creeps me out when he peaks into my own life.
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    stimulas package

    My buddy is gettin married and said he's going to spend it on his Canada. I laughed my balls off, but he's not the brightest and didn't know why it was funny. I had too explain that it won't stimulate the american economy. Far too often I'm the only one who gets the joke...
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    Spider named after Neil Young

    When a process of using stem cells to regenerate the liver... this should be called the bukowski technique. Maybe a new species of blue bird will be discovered and named after him. I always like the poem about a blue bird in his heart that he hardly lets out because he's to tough. Now that...
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    Buk and AA (Alcoholics Anonymous)

    I haven't read nearly as much of buk as most people here. I was just wondering if theres ever an instance of him going to an AA meeting (either by choice or coercion)? Most drunks do entertain the idea of sobriety a few times in life. It would be great to get his take on AA.
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    What did Bukowski drink?

    I'm more utilitarian and don't care for the fancy "experience" of wine. I drink my wine out of a coffee cup. I'm a bit clumsy when sober and when drinking, forget about it. There been too many shattered wine glasses, with tiny shards you can only find when your barefoot. and when your...
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    Justin Hyde ...

    You shouldn't compare someone to bukowski because he is dead. This guy still seems to be alive. Maybe I"m dumb but I can't tell you why I like buk. I can't tell you what makes good poetry except it makes me feel something. Something I've felt before or something different. I try to write...
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    Graffitti, slang and fine British insults

    And this proves my point. I view it as art and expression and you do not, just a difference of taste. Think how many advertisements go up in public space with no ones consent, except a person who has a dollar to throw away. You are being bombarded with messages that you never consented to...