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    Essential Bukowski: Poetry - win a free copy of the new collection

    Thanks mjp Got the book the other day in the post - very much appreciated. The cover (softcover, UK) has grown on me since having the book in my hands.
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    Essential Bukowski: Poetry - win a free copy of the new collection

    Hey Would love to bag a copy if one is still going. Thanks!!! bmcg
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    Sold Crucifix in a Deathhand + signed note from Jon Webb to customer

    Thanks mjp, appreciate the advice, was taking a punt, fingers crossed and that but am aware that the value of anything is only how much folk are willing to pay for it. Am open to offers on either or both items from anyone here! Cheers. Hey, thanks Bill!
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    Sold Crucifix in a Deathhand + signed note from Jon Webb to customer

    Crucifix comes with two flyers, one fine print with a hand written signed note to a customer from John Webb. Have this on ebay but anyone here interested for (US) 350 for the book and ephemera it's yours - we can work out P&P after. Please PM me if you are interested. Thanks everyone. I have...
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    Non-Bukowski poetry recommendations?

    Top of my head Douglas Goodwin (worth hunting down) Dan Fante's kissed by a fat waitress Fred Voss Tony O'Neill's Songs From the Shooting Gallery
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    Everything We Must Endure :: Brian McGettrick

    Thanks for the mention Hosh. Yeah the book has been a little while in coming but I hope you find it worth the wait. Really all congrats to David at Sunnyoutside for a sterling job, he made the process a joy to be a part of and that cover! Just sets the whole book off I think. Jesus Jersey...
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    Apporte-moi ton amour

    As surprised as Matthew Simmons With 'Looking For Eric' getting plenty of press I came across this little titbit: "In 2002 Cantona made his directing debut with a short, Bring Me Your Love/Apporte-Moi Ton Amour, based on a Charles Bukowski story." Anyone seen it?
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    non bukowski BSP hardcover to trade

    Bill. Would also be interested in Proud Beggars by Albert Cossery. Cheers. Brian.
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    non bukowski BSP hardcover to trade

    Hi Bill. Any Paul Bowles, I'd be interested. Off post but I wish you the best in regard the job and of course many congrats on your good news. Dont know how you get the time to fit it all in.
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    John William Corrington

    Omega Man/Corrington An extra on the DVD I have has an interview with Corrington's wife discussing the screenplay- so I take it that he and I believe she wrote it.
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    charles bukowski t-shirt

    I have a very soft spot for the "Bukowski Goes Belfast' t-shirt. Aside from the fact Belfast is where I live, the t-shirt was given to me by my best man during his speech at my wedding. Also the guy who produced the shirt is a good friend. It was topped of by them having En Vino Veritas printed...
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    ATTN: letterpressers who want to talk about letterpressing

    A few pics etc of a working press in Ireland. The press pictured is an 1830 Hopkinson's Improved Albion Letterpress. One of the more recent pics depicts the serious dangers inherent in typesetting with a friend when both of you are hungover.
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    Ok. I'm scared.

    Livid. Cant type anymore.
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    So, what other poets get you like Bukowski does?

    Billy Childish has been mentioned above but deserves mentioning again. Then there's Dan Fante, Tony O'Neill and Karl Koweski - for his latest - and Owen Roberts (who has posted here but haven't seen in a while) think our own Bill from BOS may be working with him on something...
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    Ham On Rye - D.H.Lawrence

    The only Lawrence book that I have read is Sons and Lovers - sorry roni I don't recall a scene with a man playing a piano in it - I am incredible glad I did, I would recommend this book to anyone - the descriptions of the abuse faced by the family from the alcoholic patriarch I feel would have...