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    Drug Art

    Xanax works well for this old dog, keeps the amygdala down to a reasonable size. Trouble is, getting doctors to write prescriptions for it. Like many medicines that actually work, it's "addictive". Usually, I've been offered one of the dozens of varieties of salts they pawn off on those needing...
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    abandoned cities/buildings/amusement parks

    Used to be an abandoned rail station on the outskirts of Buffalo, N.Y., the place haunted me everytime I rode the train to Toronto past it. Wonder if it still stands?
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    What are you drinking?

    Gubna' The latest offering from the folks at Oskar Blues Brewery. Ridiculously expensive four-packs, well worth sampling if you got the dinero.
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    Which Bukowski title should my sister use in class?

    If you want, you can always ask. A misguided attempt at humour on my part, terribly sorry.
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    Ten year drunk/on the bum - fact or fiction?

    Always a mystery, that's for sure, and rife for no end of speculation. I live in metro Atlanta, and cannot imagine what it was like here in the forties. I worked with a guy who moved here in '55 as a kid and was put in special class because they could not understand his Upstate New York accent...
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    Which Bukowski title should my sister use in class?

    Anything by Elmer Batters. Bukowski had enormous respect for his work, as do I. They were of the same generation. Or as my smarmy NYC hipster friends like to refer to: "A dwindling demographic" God Bless Them All
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    Los Angeles blog

    "Chinese Concentration Camps" Har!, now there's a refreshing outlook, definitely someone we want tableside at the annual Bukowski Family Thanksgiving Celebration.
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    Used to drink with this biker who had that tattoed on his bottom lip. Christ, the people I used to hang with.
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    Samuel Adams (the beer, not the dude)

    I want a set of those Sam Adams "Turbinator" glasses they're always advertising on television. It's Friday guys, let's get fucked up.
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    What are you drinking?

    La Fin du Monde, a Quebec version of the killer Belgians, quite good I might add.
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    The best beers (not the so-called king of beers)

    Oskar Blues out of Lyon, Colorado...there stuff comes in cans, try "Gordon" a most serious ale, about nine percent, in four packs at your favorite packy
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    pimpin' ain't easy...

    Mescaline and circular saws, that'll mean trouble for sure. Dwight York lives!
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    art & artists

    Raymond Pettibon, George Tooker, Otto we gooooo!!!
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    Heavy Metal

    No one has mentioned the awful "G.G. Allin", not sure where he would fit in this spat...surely not an original, but if we can utter the names of Halford and Zeppelin, then why the hell not? (ducks head to avoid flying object)