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    If you could ask bukowski one question.....

    What's up Hank? Ya' got a point about people gettin' snippy for no reason, October. It's a good question you ask. I can't think of anything I'd want to ask him off-hand but it's still a good question.
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    Sorry I started this thread. I was bored..
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    What's "style"?

    Style is repetition.
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    F.A. Nettelbeck?

    Curiousreader, You asked a simple question. I'll give a simple answer. From what little I've read, Nettelbeck is interesting. Different. He would drum-up more interest if he would lose the shock-rock business.
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    It's about time

    I read Post Office back about 95'. Someone gave it to me. I liked it but it didn't sink in. Read it again recently and this time it did.
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    Ten year drunk/on the bum - fact or fiction?

    Could you be a little more sarcastic? Just making conversation ya' know.
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    Earth Shakin'

    Earthquakes are a trip. The first time ya feel one, it's a reminder how tiny this planet is. You feel very round all of a sudden.
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    Bukowski on John F. Kennedy

    I'll never forget the day of JFK's funeral. I was six years old watching a TV that was painted bright red. No symbolizm intended, just a vivid memory.
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    need something new to read

    Just read "Miss Lonleyhearts"- Nathaniel West. Give it a try.
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    F it. I'm gonna sit out for a few, not that I have any regrets.
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    Ten year drunk/on the bum - fact or fiction?

    I may have heard it on public radio, or not. Anything having to do with percentages can easily be untrue. In those days people were movin' around a lot and probably hard to track.
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    Ten year drunk/on the bum - fact or fiction?

    20% of the people drafted for WWII didn't show. It's not like Bukowski's situation was unusual.
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    I watched my first State of The Union address. Did I waste my time? I liked myself better when I didn't vote. Any committed non-voters here? That was such a stupid question I don't deserve an answer.
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    The Fall (novel) [a.k.a. What was the first novel you read?]

    It was either Shelley's Frankenstein or Capote's In Cold Blood. Can't remember which. I was about 10 or 11.