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    Who is Robert Becker?

    He is mentioned as a close friend in 'Ham on Rye' and Bukowski called him a great writer that he would dedicate his first novel to. If Becker is not a person then does he represent another alter ego of Bukowski? The optimistic side or the naive one?
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    Celine books?

    So after Journey what would people recommend? Death on Credit? Should I go any further than that? Guignol's Band?
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    Films and documentaries on/with Bukowski

    Thanks for the reply but I was talking about the movies. Nah, I mean this
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    Films and documentaries on/with Bukowski

    There's Wong Kar Wai's commercial 'The Mask' which took Bukowski's poem 'Burning in water, Drowing in Flame' as an inspiration point. Does anyone know where I can find 'The Killers' and 'The Blanket'?
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    Long Distance Drunks: a Tribute to Charles Bukowski

    Your deadline in your post says December 31st but your website says September 30th. Which is correct?
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    Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame

    Didn't want to start a new Thread on this as it's just a quick question, but were some poems in 'Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame' edited? Was just reading the poem 'Love' and it's missing the line "Kiss my cock, my balls".
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    And you have been here a lot longer, haven't you?

    Hi everyone. New here too. Love Bukowski, first Book of his I read was "Women". Haven't felt alone since...