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    What are you listening to? The world really needs to know. #7

    A friend introduced me to this great song back in '94, from Rhino's "Doo Wop Box" set (the first of three), and finally, a few nights ago, I ordered the box too! (I shouldn't have waited so long!!)
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    The Bukowski/classical music link

    AB, thanks for the reply! It's great that you were actually able to meet Pollini! I, too, first heard him through his Chopin recordings-- the Etudes, and then, the Preludes. That was around 1995-96 (university days), when I really, seriously, began to listen to classical music in more than a...
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    Mark Edward Smith has left us

    Man, only 60 years old... Punk may not be completely dead (given that there are obviously still punk bands releasing albums), but I hate to see so many of the original punks going. I still mourn Joe Strummer's too-young death all these years later.
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    Non-word of the year

    Otherkin. (At least it should be a non-word.)
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    Which is your favorite poetry book?

    I've been back and forth, many times, over the years, with my opinion of Love is a Dog from Hell. It has some really great poems-- some of my favorites, such as "Alone with Everybody," "One For the Shoeshine Man," and the one which has a title consisting of just his phone number. I love those...
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    Which is your favorite poetry book?

    I love Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame. I don't own Play, but I do remember liking what I read of it several years ago. It has been a long time. Maybe I only actually read a few selected poems from it, if it really is a poor effort overall! Until now, I didn't know about the severe...
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    Which is your favorite poetry book?

    I fully agree. His early and late poetry collections are so wonderful and re-readable. They are written, largely, in such different styles, but I appreciate them equally, respectively speaking, for the early, angry-yet-beautiful, lyricism and for the later, very direct, plainspokenness. I...
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    Which is your favorite poetry book?

    If you happen to know, do even his later (1980s-90s) poetry books contain poems from, say, the '60s or '70s? I was under the impression that, at least while he was alive, each newly published book of poems was made up, either mostly or entirely, of poems that had been written since the last...
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    Celine controversy in France

    A thread about Celine's anti-Semitism was allowed to be posted, here, on a Bukowski forum. In that light, I don't see how the discussion of Celine's intentions in writing that "The Jews, racially, are monsters, insane hybrids, mongrels, which must go away," should somehow not be discussed on...
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    Celine controversy in France

    Of course, Celine was deeply concerned to avoid more violence, in the sense of preventing involvement in war itself. However, the vexing problem with Celine's assertions that he didn't literally mean to advocate for the Nazi extermination of Jewish people is that he wrote passages such as these...
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    Celine controversy in France

    In School for Corpses, Celine writes that Jews should be treated as human beings treat rats-- at least, in his mind, if the "problem" of Jews is to be dealt with effectively. No equivocating, no distinguishing between "good Jews" and "bad Jews," no half-hearted half-measures, but basically, get...
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    Which is your favorite poetry book?

    Disclaimer: I'm not counting any of the "John Martinized" posthumously published collections here, because of how he despicably mangled them. Now, on to better things! I haven't read every single published collection of Buk's poems yet (working on it), but of the several that I have read, my...
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    Celine controversy in France

    It would be very interesting to know, if one could know, why Celine did actually request that these texts never be republished. Perhaps he simply didn't wish for his wife to have to face any potential blowback from the reappearance of these books? (Reading some of them online, they really are...
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    Good Documentaries

    I saw the first thirty minutes or so of that documentary two nights ago on U.S. public television but had to (reluctantly) go to sleep and missed the rest. I will watch all of it soon though. Several years ago, I read part of Baldwin's Notes of a Native Son, and based on what I can remember...