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    Buk Influences

    Seems like Hemingway is missing from among the influences. Are any more writers missing?
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    Factotum tie-in

    Hi, I'm sorry to resurrect this thread, but I didn't think I should create a new post for this. I see it was mentioned that it's a reprint of the original, but the ISBN mentions "movie tie-in" on the copyright page like so: ISBN-10: 0-06-113127-X (movie tie-in edition) ISBN-13...
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    The senseless, tragic rape of Charles Bukowski’s ghost by John Martin’s Black Sparrow Press

    Are there any others I should avoid that are not on this list? What about -The Pleasures of the Damned”? The dirty dozen posthumous Black Sparrow/Ecco books that should be...
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    Hello. Just discovered Buk

    Yesterday was the first time I found this man. Watched a few clips from the Tapes, and immediately decided to watch the whole thing but left at around 85%. This morning they took it down! Uploaded Feb 5 2017. Taken down Sep 1 2018. Good thing I can get it elsewhere. Will read Women soon.