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    How did Bukowski's choice of what liquor to drink change, if at all, after he started earning good money?

    Yes, I think Linda Lee put him on the nice white wine essentially, if I recall right.
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    My Mockingbird Wish Me Luck arrived today!!!

    That's a good question that I asked myself as well.
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    Database updated

    The database doesn't match the pictures from Pogue Mahone (page 7 of the thread), and there is one Earth (Rose), no2 to sell on ebay which show the same, only 2 poems from Bukowski in that paper: freedom and True story.
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    Crucifix in a Deathhand title

    I don't see that option on abebooks (I have a french version, maybe it's different), I can contact the seller but that's it. I was thinking more of informations from the past years, if someone is looking at the market (or if someone want to sell). I'm checking abebooks and ebay since 1,5 years...
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    Crucifix in a Deathhand title

    According to the experts, what would be more or less the cheapest price to get a Crucifix in a deathhand book?
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    Apostrophes episode

    I totally agree with you, roni. That show was a shame, but Buk got a larger fame with it. That kind of show still remains in France, and the writers just come to promote their books, trying to make a punchline in a few seconds. I don't see the point of it, and Buk didn't like tv shows as well...
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    Apostrophes episode

    For those who want it: (in French, no subtitles)
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    “As a woman, how could I like Bukowski?”

    " [...] The most ridiculous charge is that I'm a sexist pig. If one will read the body of my work, they will see that where ridicule or attach falls, the male receives just as much as the female. There are shitty women just as there are shitty men; the fact being, that I have lived with women...
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    WTB: Bukowski in the Bathtub & Todd Moore titles

    I'm reading Bukowski in the bathtub, and that's probably my worst reading on/about/with Bukowski. John Thomas is just bragging all along. I don't know what to trust on what he says in that book. It's even worse than reading the correspondance with Martinelli. But I've learned something after...
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    tremembe? a typo or a new word. But I'm not english native speaker... ? from which poem is that?
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    6 new poems: the movement, symphony #3...etc. - Chiron Review (The Kindred Spirit) No. 16, p.10/11 - summer 1988

    So recap of the titles in this issue: the movement, symphony #3, instructions to a malcontent, stand-off, the question most asked is, and all right now.
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    "nowhere within nothing," "cause and effect," and "until the last day or night of your life" - Chiron Review (The Kindred Spirit) #12 - Summer 1987

    Ah, and there is also a review of You get so alone... by Alan Catlin in that issue, I can add it in here if you want.