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    Just finished Pulp

    In my estimation, "Pulp" is simply a meditation on death and its inevitability with some dark and low-brow humor throw in. Socratease's comment referenced by Roni is also spot on. I often wonder if it wouldn't work better in a graphic novel revival.
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    The Continual Condition (pre-publication)

    I just requested an ARC through my editor. Lots of interesting stuff coming out in the fall: a posthumous Updike poetry collection that I'm looking forward to, for one, as well as a new Bolano title (the executor of Bolano's estate just announced yesterday that they located a sixth book of "2666").
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    What are you drinking?

    Busch. Vicodin. One glass of Gallo white zinf. Two bowls of greeen, and .....
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    It's Finally Here ... "Mr. Bukowski's Wild Ride"

    We are very pleased with that review, Kurt, very pleased indeed. I don't think we can aspire to anything better'n that, although we have picked up a number of requests for review copies in the last few weeks so we'll see; thanks for the nod.
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    "Winter" by Homeless Mind

    All with sponges and knives, huh? Impressive. I particularly like the Four Seasons series.
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    writers I love that Bukowski would hate

    On some levels I guess the point is moot because Bukowski wrote that he knew "nothing about literature" outside of what he personally liked and found relative to him; with that much said, the book I'm currently reviewing, the long-unpublished collaboration between Burroughs and Kerouac, "And the...
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    Bukowski's Relevance in an Economic Downturn

    Solution? Or absolution?
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    Bukowski's Relevance in an Economic Downturn

    It's the only thing I can figure too; there's no other logical reason to see an uptick in Bukowski search strings, no increased awareness of Buk due to a recently-released film or book, and the searches are coming from a vast array of geographic areas so college and high school curriculum...
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    Bukowski's Relevance in an Economic Downturn

    Over the course of the last two weeks I have witnessed a surge at Carver's Dog in Bukowski-related search traffic. Mind you, I'm not talking big numbers (we're technically a "mid-sized" blog) but enough to indicate a new trend. I'm wondering two things here: (1) Is Michael getting an uptick...
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    Rip sweet prince

    But he did have a suburbanly twisted wit and wrote some decent cold-war taboo. One must seperate the Cold War experience from the postwar experience in America (though the two are intrinsically linked ... first the artificial postwar economic boom spurred by the G.I. Bill and then the...
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    Rip sweet prince

    I saw him speak at a Writers Guild function in Beverly Hills in 2006; a very charming, self-effacing man, always a warm smile dancing on his lips. Norman Mailer once famously quipped that Updike was the kind of author appreciated by readers who know nothing about writing ... hilarious on the...
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    Happy Birthday Vodka!!!

    Happy birthday, Jen. You're a good egg, as Jay Gatsby would say.
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    What are you listening to now?

    I present Maria McKee now ...
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    R.I.P. Freddie Hubbard

    And, in weird synchronicity, the great modern sculptor Robert Graham, 70, died on Saturday of cancer in L.A. Among his best known pieces was the monument to my fave, Duke Ellington, in New York and a memorial to Charlie Parker in Kansas City. He was a big name in the L.A. arts and culture...