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    “As a woman, how could I like Bukowski?”

    I was talking with a lady friend of mine the other day about books. I started talking about how Buk is my favorite. She said she hated him, so I asked her why? She said, “As a woman, how could I like Bukowski?” I’d like to see the fine members of this community answer this question.
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    Musso and Frank's

    I am looking for any stories or poems that contain the restaurant Musso and Franks. Appreciate the help!
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    Bukowski's Los Angeles

    What an extremely helpful and depressing reply. Thanks mjp
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    Bukowski's Los Angeles

    I am going to have one and a half days in LA in a couple weeks, and I want to see as much of Bukowski's LA as I can. Does anyone have any suggestions of must sees? Maybe some things that aren't as popular. Anything in close proximity as other things? I am also going to be trying to see Bunker...
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    new guy, hello

    Thank you everyone. I’m very excited to be in such a supportive group.
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    John Fante // Boulder

    I discovered Fante years ago through ‘Road to Los Angeles,’ but never dove deeper. I recently read ‘Wait Until Spring, Bandini’ and it was amazing. Causing me to began reading every Fante work I could find. Reading Bandini, and growing up in Boulder, I picked up on things only someone who has...
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    new guy, hello

    hey everyone, very excited to join this great bunch of people. my names casper, i live in oregon, i was born and raised in Boulder, CO ( John Fante Land) 22 years old, have a very bad anxiety disorder, love to read/write/paint/draw/make music. bukowski changed my life. excited for what’s in...