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    I guess I've made it

    It wasn't too long ago. You can read it in my old posts. Bukowski was god. He was a fling that had never flung. Wait, let me explain that. The way I work, the way I keep myself sane, or at least sane enough to keep the lawn tame and the nights possible, is to have a thing that I latch onto...
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    Books about Bukowski

    Oh yeah. The greatest fucking movie on Picasso there ever was.
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    On Alcohol

    I don't drink.
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    The Hunted - Quicksilver, 1958

    he writes a lot of poem about being in a room and looking out from it. kind of shows where his mind was as opposed to where his actions took him.
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    Classical Music

    Shostakovitch had a piece in Eyes Wide Shut. Can't place the name. I think it might have been Russian Waltz something-or-other. Beautiful piece. Same goes with Vilvaldi's Four Seasons. I think its Winter that served as the theme for Raging Bull. It was in another movie recently, can't remember...
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    Everyone! I need your help right now!

    Two days ago, my grandmother died. According to the Jewish faith, a body must be buried within two days, and the second day is tomorrow. My family wants me to read a poem, but, frankly, I'm afraid I can't really write anything meaningful. So, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, right now, while you're...
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    Favorite Author (dead and still with us)

    books are a waste of time and hunter s. thompson
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    A Question for you guys who know about the prices of rare books

    Oh no, I don't actually own these things. Its for a story I'm writing.
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    A Question for you guys who know about the prices of rare books

    I know that Buk manuscripts sell for upwards of $100 sometimes. Sometimes, people go crazy and pay upwards of $1,000. So, let me ask you this. I know you guys aren't professional appraisers, but can you give me a ballpark figure on the following items: A copy of an unpublished William Blake...
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    bukowski and love

    love is a dog from hell
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    The last of 5 books by Buk from Ecco

    That's a great title. Fantastic, really. I'm glad they chose it as his last. Know any of the other titles?
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    Lost and unfinished projects

    How thick were the other novels? Were they just false starts on his present work? And do you have any idea as to whether they are fiction or more autobiography?
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    Post Your Bukowski Collection

    Are "There's No Business" and "Bring Me Your Love" valuable and/or hard to find? Because they seem like the type of books with short runs. Then again I know nothing about publishing. The reason I ask this is because I found a copy of both of these in a Barnes and Noble near me. I was surprised...