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    nice and brown manuscript poem

    1979 carbon signed by Buk. Framed, free shipping in US.
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    Buk in Hustler

    Gently used condition. Too soon. I just did a lot of yard work while I was on vacation.
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    note for my wall

    Perfect font for the 8th grade poem it is. Is 8th grade too much credit?
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    'Sun Coming Down'

    Only a monster would do something like this.
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    Buk in Hustler

    Just put up some Hustler mags if anyone is interested. Haven't looked at these in a while, some great stories and interview.
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    Nice and Brown

    Abandoned Planet sounds right, thanks again! I probably have some sort of card or something tucked in a Buk book or a drawer since I never throw anything* away. Also found all my Buk Hustler mags, then read most of the stories on here instead of cracking them open. Some great posts, thanks.
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    Nice and Brown

    Sounds good. Thanks. I want to buy other things but am still on the fence. I sold all my Wormwood Reviews a while back and don't know if I regret it yet. They were just sitting in a box on a shelf so . . .
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    Nice and Brown

    Yes, bought on ebay. Thank you. Too bad I don't remember who I purchased it from. How important would a coa or the like be to a potential buyer, as opposed to just taking my word for it? Any thoughts as to why it was never collected in a book, except for a collection of uncollected poems in...
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    Nice and Brown

    Hi, I was interested in possibly selling my signed manuscript of the poem Nice and Brown that I have had close to 20 years now, so I decided to look it up and see if it has been published in a collection since then. The one I have looks identical to the image shown when clicking the link on...