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    What are you listening to? The world really needs to know. Volume 8

    I am currently obsessed with Bob Marley. I'm going crazy over 'Exodus'. I keep singing or humming his songs even during my zoom meetings. (Thankfully half of the time I am on mute :D ) I feel I should take a break from him. I might go crazy :(
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    Greetings From Windsor, Ontario, Canada

    Hey! Welcome to the forum. I also joined this month. You can have access to almost every work of Bukowski here. So if you are eager to know more and more about his life, you are at the right place :) Also there are many threads here where people discuss about all sorts of stuff. Like what are...
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    Greetings From Windsor, Ontario, Canada

    Hey, welcome to the forum. I'm new here too. And totally into stalking this forum, finding every work of Bukowski posted here. :p It's nice to see I'm not the only crazy reader out here.
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    Modern Day Bukowski Fangirl

    I can relate to you. I am an Asian too. South Asian to be specific. Indian actually. I feel that because not so many are aware of Bukowski's work that it took me so much time to get to know how amazing he is. Sometimes Even I feel that We are just millennials with a heart residing in the past. :)
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    I'm new and had my Bukowski collection stolen twice...

    That's really sad. The two most annoying things that can happen are a book that gets stolen and a friend who never gives the book back. Second one happened to me. :') I hope you get your books back or maybe your roommate learns a lesson.
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    What Are You Reading?

    All time favorite. It is a must read and an amazing heart wrenching story. Although after this, I am gonna try something light and simple. Just to have a little change.
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    Recommendations please?

    Hello again, Thank you for recommending. Yes you are right. I will definitely look through all of his work here. 1. Burning in water, Drowning in Flames. 2. South of No north. 3. Post office. NOTED. :) Gonna check them out now. Thank you again.
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    For those of you that write...

    I can totally relate to that. My parents always thought that I am just being rude or that I am really not interested in telling them about simple things like how my day went and stuff like that. But the real reason was that it was too hard for me to express how I really feel. But now I am...
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    For those of you that write...

    I was always a shy kid and I used to start shivering when people had their eyes on me. I never had guts to talk to anyone about anything and that's when books protected me. I started writing my feeling down in forms of poems or just sentences. And that's where it began. The first book that I...
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    Recommendations please?

    It's been a while that I am reading poetry by famous American writers and the first name that comes up is Charles Bukowski. The first poem I read was bluebird and it created some kind of connection with him. That's the reason I joined here. I wanna know more about his work and his life. Thanks...