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    I love the 4th of July!

    I guess i don't understand. If you dislike his work so much, MJP, why all of this hard work?
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    Game of Thrones

    Love SOA, with exception to season three. They saved it with the last two or three episodes of that season, but the first ten were brutal. Season two is by far my favorite season of any TV show ever.
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    What's more Bukowski then embroidery?

    Yes, you read that right. My girlfriend made me an embroidery recently with a Bukowski quote. I loved it so much I told her she should make some more, figuring there'd be a few others that would enjoy it. So, here is the finished product, and if you'd like one head on over the store: (i hope...
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    The Nurses

    Yeah, that's what I'd found as well. I guess I shouldn't drink so much while I read. Thanks, Hank Solo.
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    Favorite moment in Born Into This

    Bono's part was my least favorite moments of the movie, zenguru.
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    My username

    Cocaine is a helluva drug.
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    This Is Not The Titanic, 1974

    Damn good find. Thanks Purple.
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    A Moveable Feast - Bukowski Interview From 1980s

    Cool. looking forward to sitting and listening to this.
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    From the Producer... There's Gonna Be a God Damn Riot in Here!

    I finally ordered this one on Saturday. It's here already. Such great people, shipping so fast. Thank you again. I'll be watching it tonight.
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    Black Sparrow typesetter selling her collection

    Man. I'd like to purchase some of this stuff, but ... I think I'm scared off right now.
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    Roni 40!!! +1 :o)

    HBD, Roni.
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    If you could ask bukowski one question.....

    You see, the thing is ... I've never claimed my words are beautiful, my thoughts profound. I dont wax on and on about "what I've done" ... but, eh, it's your world here. You built a great website.* So if you feel the need to belittle all the kids that come to the dance that you don't know, fair...