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    Favorite line from Buk?

    "Nature is not normal. Nature is not kind. Nature doesn't give a fuck man, and I give a fuck."
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    Genius of the Crowd & Artaud

    Interesting, also i think that poem is a grand example of Nietzsche's influence on Bukowski.
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    WTB! (What the Buk)
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    bukowski: the antidote for porn overload

    Mickey Mouse has no soul. An intellectual is a man who says a simple thing in a difficult way; an artist is a man who says a difficult thing in a simple way. --Bukowski
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    How much of a misanthrope are you?

    No. Then there would be nobody to despise. I can't live like that. :)
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    Alcoholism - why didn't it destroy Bukowski?

    I tried to be a drunk but I failed at it. Even a good smoker. I couldn't be. I think the problem is I am very self-conscious and that is a bad disease. Much worse than any addiction. You can't prefer one to another. Bukowski is certainly right. Truly any achievement, being something, is all...
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    Do we enjoy reading about suffering?

    Pretty close to my list. I would drop Fante and add Celine though. Fante is a bit sweet for my taste. Unnecessary sweet. Celine and Buk's humor is the best. To me their lack of sensitivity is invigorating. Or sometimes the situation is so fucked up that it gets really laughable. I guess that's...
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    Do we enjoy reading about suffering?

    Recently I picked up Dostoevsky's "Notes from the underground" and I felt for it right off the bat (it starts with "I am ill"). Thinking about it, all my favorites start this sort of opening. I can hardly bring myself to read a story where things go well in the beginning. Wouldn't it be boring...
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    Fante biography

    Recently I bought a paperback reprint of Ask the dust published by HarperCollins. The book at the end contains some of Fante's letters. In one of them, Fante in response to Bukowski's questions regarding his own book writes "Dear Hank: I usually charge a standard rate of $100 per page for...
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    Steve Richmond

    Are those letters accessible? published? Thanks. Interesting thoughts.
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    Steve Richmond

    quoting from here. " No one listened but Bukowski. They wrote to each other like lovers. Like father and son. There are more than 150 letters between Richmond and Bukowski, mostly written in the mid 1960s. You'll never read them. They've been censored out of existence by Bukowski Inc...
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    What buk piece effects you the most emotionally in a personal way?

    I almost cried like a baby when I read "so now?". First poem that made me cry. I guess this is what they call influence.
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    Do you re-read Bukowski?

    I re-read his poems. a lot. I only have "the pleasures of the damned" though. It is like my bible.
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    Fire Station

    I just checked the location. The Bukowski Restaurant is gone. The barkeep told me it is been three or four years now. Yeah, it is a bar now and the name is Charlatan.
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    Fire Station

    No but I know where I am going for dinner tonight! I am very excited. Thanks for bringing it up. You know, it is a shame that I didn't know, I live close to the drive :)