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    Sold cruelty of loveless love--$500

    Hey James if its still available I am very interested. I will send you a PM as well. Thanks.
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    I'm either lucky, or dumb..... War All the Time w/painting

    Sweet Jesus you are a lucky fuck! Just when I thought that steals were no longer possible on Ebay, this happens! And the ironic thing is that the last time I was in your shop in Denver this was one of our topics of discussions: how risky is it to pull the trigger on an Ebay item that seems to...
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    A Visit with Gypsy Lou Webb

    Glad to see that she is alive and well. The last letter I received from her was last April right after she had fallen, and was in the hospital, and things didn't seem so bright. Thanks for sharing.
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    Bukowski tattoos

    The best thing about that picture, it could be a male or a female . ( or both)
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    Hello and Thank you

    We don't argue, we just strongly disagree with each other, all the time. And welcome by the way, now start stirring the pot!
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    9 in Nine - A 9 Day Printing & Bookbinding Odyssey from Bottle of Smoke Press

    Not gonna lie, when I got the email yesterday about this and read it the first thing that came to mind was " You have got to be fucking kidding me, " followed by "...well it is Bill, so I guess it's possible, maybe." The next thing I know my finger scrolls over to the pledge button, and...
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    possibly the coolest thing i've ever seen

    Hot damn this is amazing! I love when he says " and then you just press print", like its no big deal.
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    Any mountain climbers in the house?

    I can only imagine, I do weekly hikes on top of Vail Mountain which is 11,000 feet, and I've done some 14,000 foot climbs this summer, and let me tell you, it makes you feel like a complete fat ass, no matter how in shape you are. I feel like I take three breaths for every 1 breath I would on...
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    Levi's Ad - The Laughing Heart - All the Way to the Bank

    I love how we (the forum) have taken over the role of protecting Bukowski's name and work, and continue to, long after his passing. If you use Bukowski's words incorrectly on the internet, we're going to find you, and call you out! Long live Buk! And thanks for posting this!
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    Dinosauria, We, is one of my most favorite Buk poems, as well as dinosaurs in general I guess. And oh yeah, welcome to the forum, enjoy the show!
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    if you like bukowski...

    I have read books by both of them and can't say they reminded me of Bukowski at all. What similarities do you see between them?
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    'some are young and some are free' by SKINNER

    Kinda like what Jordan did for your b-day? And let's be honest, the two of you can pull off damn near anything!
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    'some are young and some are free' by SKINNER

    This title page reminds me of when I was younger and would carve my name and the person I was dating's name, along with a heart, into the birch tree behind my house, and then I would get screamed at by my parents for "killing the tree" So what new tricks are you going to incorporate into this...
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    INK POEMS book by MJP

    Honestly, after reading that article, I am convinced the two of you never leave your workstation, you are nearly turning the art of bookmaking into a science, blows me away. So do you have any copies of the hardcover left, and if so, how much will it run me, as I may take one off your hands then.
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    PBA Galleries

    So if my math is correct, 257 lots sold out of the 343, leaving 86 unsold lots. The rest of you seem to know much more than I do about these auctions, so what do they usually do with the unsold lots? Is it likely that Runfola will just hold onto them, because there were few that did not sell...