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    Sunlight at Midnight, Darkness at Noon

    I got Copy A The poems were: THE FILTHIEST STREETS RUN WITH HOT, SENSELESS BLOOD... ~ Hosho the smoking ruins of winter blown trails ~chris I'm just happy I have a little time to read this.
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    Happy Birthday, Black Swan!

    Happy belated from Jenifer and I. Smmmmmmmoooooooooches.
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    Forum fauna: The Rebel

    Oregon is nice. I'm not sure if this makes me a rebel or not.
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    Hello to those with an interest the extraordinary,

    I don't know what's been said? But for the permanent record? Mather Schneider certainly no friend of mine. Hope everyone is well.
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    A new Charles Bukowski-inspired magazine (buk scene)

    I wish I could read, this looks like such an interesting thread. Congratulations Ponder and Black Swan. Got mine today, thanks. The pictures are nice. ;) Looks like it is signed and numbered? Hmmm. 114 pages from cover to cover. Looks like I am going to have to get someone...
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    Outsider #1 scan needed

    You talking about this one:
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    Bukowski Celebration - Sat. March 28th

    For all the bourbon in Kentucky, I'd join ya. I'd join anyone. Here is the latest from Matt:
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    Bukowski Celebration - Sat. March 28th

    Got an email from Matt Sesow. Here is a glimpse of his excitement: March 28th, 9-12am... The Elephant Theater, I'll bring more news when I have more. - - Okay, Father Luke
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    Henry Miller-Nexus?

    Since there is some new Miller fans here, I thought I poast this. It's Henry Miller's letter to Bukowski. Courtesy of ROC ( Dear Friend --- -- Okay, Father Luke
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    Bukowski's mother, Katherine

    These pages, not hosted on, are informative: and...
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    Happy Xmas Eve/Xmas/Hannukah/Quanza/etc everyone.

    Ah. Hope so. -- Okay, Father Luke
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    Bukowski's mother, Katherine

    There are pictures of Bukowski's mother. For instance: and: As I recall he wrote about her death in poems, and I haven't the books at my finger tips, I'm hoping our man in green may help. . . hank...
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    "Peanuts" as written by Bukowski

    erm. . .
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    Is Buk your favorite writer?

    Not weird. 1.) 2.) 3.) 4.) There are others. . . You are not alone. -- Okay, Father Luke
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    Bukowski's mother, Katherine

    Interesting way to spend a Christmas eve. . . 1956 Bukowski's mother, Katherine, dies: 12-24-1956 -- Okay, Father Luke