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    Shameless Self-promotion.

    People make a bigger deal of myspace than they should. Sure, everyone in the world has a myspace, but who cares? It's not brilliant, and it's not the pit of humanity. It just is.
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    Shameless Self-promotion.

    While I don't claim to know ANYTHING at all about the business of writing, and don't claim to be a genius writer, I do write quite a bit and always have. Even in high school, I wasn't much for high school poetry. So that's definitely not me. I've heard a lot (and read a lot) of shit poetry, and...
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    Shameless Self-promotion.

    Right now, myspace is all I can do to promote myself. Check back in a few weeks when I can afford to make a real website. At the very least, myspace is easy to navigate.
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    Bukowski & Libraries.

    Dallas Public Library has a TON of Bukowski. Unfortunately, I lost my student ID card, and since I'm out of school until summer, I can't get another until then. Dallas allows all students to get a DPL card, regardless of city of residence, but since I can't show that I'm a student...I have to...
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    Shameless Self-promotion.

    Hmm...well...I would probably be here forever. Which would be sad. My mom would probably be in Canadaigua, New York. I really could go on for a long time, so I'll just say, "Good point! Now I don't feel quite so shameless!" :)
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    What are you listening to now?

    LOVE Cursive! Especially The Ugly Organ. At this moment, I'm listening to New Order's Power, Corruption, and Lies. Earlier I was listening to Veronique Sanson's Le Maudit, The Clash's Combat Rock, and Pulp's Different Class and This is Hardcore albums...
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    Shameless Self-promotion.

    Heya, Bukowski readers. I'm Kelly, and I recently wrote a book. I started a new myspace account to promote myself because I can't really afford a REAL website yet. There's not much on it yet. But I'm blogging (just some random musings in order to share my writing) regularly. You should check...
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    resting in safety.

    Tell me a good pun, James.
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    Actually, if I lived just half a mile west/ two miles or so south of where I live, I would qualify for a Dallas Public Library card, and after looking through their catalogue...I'm really jealous :( One of my best friend works at Half Price (a used book store) and I've put her on alert. She...
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    So, I went to my local library today...they only have three books of poetry by Bukowski. This is what I get for living in the suburbs, isn't it?
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    I'm familiar with the concept of libraries, thanks :)
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    Hi, I'm Hannah

    I just moved back to Dallas. It's my home town. I just moved back from Swansea, in Wales. I've never liked it here, but after having been in such a gorgeous place, being loved on by such a gorgeous man (withOUT an awful Texas accent, which I thankfully do not have!), I hate it even more.
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    Seen any good movies lately? - Films you MUST see

    I liked The Prestige a lot. At one point, I realized nobody was portraying their actual nationality except for Michael Caine. But it was good to finally end that debate over, "Who would win in a fight: Batman or Wolverine?" And Casino Royale was funny (though I'm not sure it was supposed to be).
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    Hi, I'm Kelly. I'm 23. I live in Texas. I just read Tales of Ordinary Madness and loved it. I would buy more, but I'm broke right now, so....I've been depending on these manuscripts to keep me going. Also, I just finished my first book (maybe 20 minutes ago). And I don't want any money. So...