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    Well, ain't you happy to be here? Welcome
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    Hello. Just discovered Buk

    Well, welcome. Enjoy the ride.
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    Damn. Welcome back.
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    welcome, Luna, greetings from Brazil.
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    welcome :)
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    The Iggles

    More free beer. Yay. Lets keep up with the police radio.
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    The Iggles

    Free Bud Light. What can possibly go wrong?
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    The Iggles

    That is some Philly Special..
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    Seen any good movies lately?

    Starting Out in the Evening
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    My unpublished interview with Bukowski

    thanks, zobraks, for helping out those who are 4 years late. nice interview, jay.
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    Me me bukoskme

    well, well, welcome
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    What Are You Reading?

    Talking about Kindle, i just recently bought one and my first book was The Year of The Magical Thinking, by Joan Didion. I liked it pretty much. Didion goes with brutal honesty about her life after Dunne's death, while their daugther were stuck to a bed in the hospital. Interesting reading...