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    A book of short stories

    A fine story that is, too. I just reread it and it is hard to believe you just knocked that one off on a deadline to make the collection longer.
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    A book of short stories

    Hooch-- which story?
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    pour me another one

    Hammond is an organ. The instrument, not the collection of tissues in a body
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    art & artists

    I think I made a thread years ago about how a Kerouac self portrait was not unlike similar portraits Bukowski painted.
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    Do you know any writers/novels that Bukowski hated ?

    I also yawned myself to shit reading that book. Nice video, though.
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    Grateful Dead Thread

    I'm not sure Brent was under rated, it seems like every I know considers him their favorite key player in the band
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    The mystery of Jane C. Cooney (Baker)

    I think the girl dead center in the front row looks the most like the known picture.
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    What Are You Reading?

    Just about finished the Ralph Steadman's "The Joke's Over: Ralph Steadman on HST" and I find it a much better book that Juan Thompson's memoir. I read Juan's recently and was not overly impressed with it. Part of it is just that Steadman is a much better writer. The main benefit of this book...
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    A Deep & Gorgeous Thirst

    Well Hosh, I suppose off of the top of my head, I would be interested in "37 Psalms from the Badlands." I know there are more, I have all the ones available on your website, and can't remember any others right now due to the early morning hours and brandy....
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    A Deep & Gorgeous Thirst

    You wish. Me too, but there are some that I know neither of us have access to. All sold out and impossible to find. I've looked.
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    A Deep & Gorgeous Thirst

    I'd buy it if I didn't have rent to pay next month
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    Guerilla Poetics Project

    i'd certainly trade some for one of your fine books