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    The timeline

    An unusual development - a new address. This one for Bukowski and Barbara Fry(e), their first address together in Los Angeles. It's a parking lot now, but there's still an old court apartment on the lot next door, so it was likely an apartment. Which Barabara must not have liked, since it...
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    Ethereum, Bitcoin and Quatloos (or: How will Ethereum revolutionize the music industry?)

    One month later... If recent trends continue (which is always a ten thousand pound "if"), in a month the original $149 will have grown ten times. Kind of crazy.
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    Rural Juror Let's bid adieu to 2020 with a heartwarming tale of sitting on a small-town jury. Did you know adieu means "to God"? So when we bid adieu to 2020, we're really saying...
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    Bukowsky Written Up As A Woman

    Those are the two signs of a great writer: 1) named after a shoe, and 2) can't be bothered with trivialities like spelling, grammar, or making sense.
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    Quote by Bukowski?

    Seems a lot suspicious.
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    Ethereum, Bitcoin and Quatloos (or: How will Ethereum revolutionize the music industry?)

    Bitcoin Breaks Through $20,000 To Hit A Fresh All-Time High
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    Shits and Giggles

    That's a common scam whenever a new iPhone or iDingaling or whatever comes out. But usually, it's a genuine shrinkwrapped iDingaling box with something heavy in it, and the sucker victim buys it out of a car trunk in a parking lot somewhere...
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    Shits and Giggles
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    Guitars, basses and other noisemakers

    You might want to take a closer look at the website that "quote" comes from...
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    The First Interview

    You know what's great though? These things. You might not think so at first glance. I mean, if the steak was any good, you wouldn't have to "chicken fry" it, right? Well, they're really good, so I'd say since you're locked in the house anyway, get some and give them a try. While you're there...
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    Timeline contributions

    The timeline has been continuously updated since it started (whenever that was) and that isn't changing any time soon. It's typically updated many times a year. The same with the database and manuscripts. It's not always obvious, but that site has been growing and evolving since it was created...
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    Guitars, basses and other noisemakers

    I would think a week of dates on any Stones tour would equal one Woodstock as far as audiences are concerned. So I'm not sure playing a small number of mega-shows gives anyone an advantage over 50 years of playing stadiums (even though, yes, the great oracle of Wikipedia says there have been...