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    Who has this stuff?

    3:30 a.m. When I cant sleep I like to come here and poke around. I am fascinated by the three items, and the way they were photographed in 'Miscellany', the pocket protector and pens, the glasses, the CDL. Who has these things and how did they come to be available? I love the gritty beigeness...
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    Bukowski paintings

    Thanks, Bill.
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    Bukowski paintings

    Ok, here's a question. Is this wrong, what I've done. I copied and put in 'my pictures' a few of Buks' drawings from this site and printed them on 8x10 watercolor paper(which is what I use when I paint), mounted and framed them and they look like originals. They hang on my wall and I love them...
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    Seen any good movies lately? - Films you MUST see

    I caught the flu so took my mini DVD player to bed with me and watched 'Love and Death' and 'Sleeper' last night. Fell asleep happy.
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    100 members

    I fear the young one is referring to me, or the likes of me, who are here on occassion to ask neophyte questions. The site is full of information, it is the best part of some of my (lesser) days, coming here and learning, and laughing. I count on you,mjp, to keep the posers at bay!
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    Hi, I'm Hannah

    I too, am now in love with Slimedogger. Let's make of him a guru, a secular holiday perhaps, I need a good 50 year old happily married man in my life that I can, perhaps?
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    South African Fan

    Yeah, I like him, and he likes Roth too!
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    Bukowski Shopping

    Is that quote' Let's go shopping,' etc Buks or yours?
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    beaten & broken

    Yeah, I agree, glad you got it down. IT's good for me sitting here in my own little suburban reality to know about an hour in your life, makes me wonder about lots of things, my own life, it's safety, it's passivity. A wondrous boy I'll never meet riding the night bus,your kindof fucking...
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    When was the last time you were drunk

    Thanks, mjp....i think! lol My old OLD punk friends used to say, 'Dont worry about Hannah, getting all married and taking out the nose rings and shit; working for an insurance company...she is 'subverting from within' they would say, and damn if i didnt feel obligated to do so, occassionally...
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    When was the last time you were drunk

    Yesterday being Turkey Day with dinner at 1 in the afternoon. I began on the wine at noon, as did our hostess. The men sipped beer slow, watching football (AND the toddlers) while she and I ended up literally under the dining room table talking about our punk rock days and trying desperatly(me...
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    Never got my book

    Hi, it's me, the newbie 'girl' stuck in fucking Dallas. Anyway, one of you led me to an hardcover 'The CAptain, Lunch, Sailors' and I ordered it like a month ago and nothing. Still no date set for sending it so I cancelled it. $23 bucks is a lot of money for me, especially if they...
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    Vietnam Vets here?

    Just was gifted with my deceased uncle's army jacket. Have some questions. Any vets here? Drop me a note at if you have time? Thanks. Hannah
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    Charles Bukowski's Take On Presidents

    thanks, mjp for satisfying my newbie curiosity. grayxray, i dont care for your tone too much, first time someone has given me a hard time for my curiosity and interest.
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    Charles Bukowski's Take On Presidents

    I use my real name! So, was Buk a registered voter/did he vote, do we know? If this was already covered here I missed it wading through the mixture of interesting information and bitch-slapping which reminds me overmuch of the Dallas New Mommies forum I used to be on. Lots of big hair Baptists.