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    What Are You Reading?

    gemba walks...I know, it doesn't' sound interesting....
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    Happy Birthday Everybody

    1 more year has passed, and I still love to view this forum
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    Youtube clip about Facebook.

    I just joined facebook to see who got fat....
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    What I'm having for dinner.

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    maybe people are not interested in cars cause of the current economic situation, I understand it's hard
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    good to know :)
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    will you give a job to illegal immigrants?
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    Do you think Bukowski hated the Monkees?

    if monkeys have four fingers, he did hate them, if not, ....well i dunno...
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    Obama Wins The Nobel Peace Prize

    it's all a conspiracy....
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    suicide wave

    maybe they were just looking for an excuse to just suicide.... there is a point in every job when you feel miserable....
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    What are you drinking?

    for me, black label on the rocks please!
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    Happy birthday Lolita Ginsoski !

    feliz dia de tu nacimiento (happy birth day) (Y)
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    Tattoo Regret - *Not* Bukowski Tattoos

    hahahaha zackattack flawless...
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    Cute As Hell (for Gerard's dog)

    I think Gerard's dog can win many of the battles, that corgi is gifted