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    Found the letters that Bukowski wrote to me

    so are we gonna see these letters or what?
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    Bukowski by Taylor Hackford - documentary download

    can anybody find another dl link for this documentary? or if somebody has one, can they up it and post the link? would be swell.
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    Charles Bukowski in Hamburg DVD

    this is new and exciting for me.
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    Factotum vs Barfly: Which do you think is better?

    Bukfan, that's the obvious gripe because Bukowski said it himself that Rourke really sort of missed. I personally like his performance. The only thing I disliked about Rourke and his role was how he thought about Bukowski himself. "He's okay, for a drunk," he said, or something along those...
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    jackson pollock '51

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    the absolute LAST buk book

    I don't understand why people dislike Pulp so much. I've read it countless times and its one book that I will continue to enjoy every time I read it. I think most of its appeal comes from the imagination used in creating such a wonderful story, even if it is pure fiction. It represents the end...
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    Zappa - A young genius on the Steve Allen show

    ahahhahaha thats hilarious.
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    Zappa - A young genius on the Steve Allen show

    yes. that was the appearance i was referring to, not crossfire. i can see how you would get confused tho. lol good job trying to school me tho. i think i have a little more sense than that.
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    Zappa - A young genius on the Steve Allen show

    that is crazy old. i'd love to have seen the mothers. this film of Zappa is his first television appearance if I'm not mistaken. he always seemed to hold his tongue every time he made appearances on shows like that, letting witty retorts slip through and making the hosts look like assholes. I...
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    Evidence number 8 1964, review of It Catches... by Al Purdy

    really great review. thanks for sharing.
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    this is pretty good.

    pretty cool animation
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    Crazy Love

    yes, thank you.
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    Crazy Love

    i really wish there were more sources. says it should be done in about three weeks if i let it continue at the speed its at. :(