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    I have to say, there's a palpable note of pleasure...dare I say it, even your voice for the most recent episode. Sounds like the move came along at exactly the right time! Congrats!
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    Chinese Gucci by Hosho McCreesh

    I enjoyed reading this -- a discussion between two Chinese Gucci readers. Give it a look-see if you're so inclined. Underground Lovers
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    Carol Es - Shrapnel in the San Fernando Valley

    Congrats -- looks like a damn fine edition!
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    the late season - Stephen Hines

    Is it that they think, because it doesn't come from some literary hotbed (if there is such a thing), that our books just can't have any value? I feel like shops are annoyed by asking, at least sometimes. It's gotta be a tough racket...wanting to put interesting stuff on the limited shelf space...
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    Chinese Gucci by Hosho McCreesh

    More GUCCI goodness for your eyeholes to ingest at Trailer Park Quarterly: 19 Literary, Musical, and Cultural Allusions in Chinese Gucci
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    Chinese Gucci by Hosho McCreesh

    Well, I guess the algorithm has spoken. More BULL.
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    Chinese Gucci by Hosho McCreesh

    Well, Jeeves is, anyway...
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    What Are You Reading?

    Willy has written five terrific, down-to-earth books about folks scraping by and just doing their best...and he is absolutely as nice as advertised. I interviewed him for the underground paper I write for, and he was as honest and genuine as you can imagine. He also recorded some poems for the...
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    Chinese Gucci by Hosho McCreesh

    I'll send Jeeves with the Gulfstream...
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    Chinese Gucci by Hosho McCreesh

    Thanks, PhillyDave -- I appreciate it. More GUCCI stuff to peruse at your leisure... View From the Keyboard and Past Ten Also, if anyone will be in Albuquerque on 19 Feb 2019...
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    What are you drinking?

    When I'm that drunk, it takes me at least 3 days to recover...
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    Chinese Gucci by Hosho McCreesh

    Always a relief to see that the books have arrived safe and sound. After Hooch's ARC arrived soaked to the gills, I had to add a vapor barrier!
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    Chinese Gucci by Hosho McCreesh

    Thank YOU for following my work, and banging the drum on my behalf. I see it, and I appreciate it. Glad the book made it safe and sound. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. As to the someday/bar thing -- yes, I certainly hope so!
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    Chinese Gucci by Hosho McCreesh

    I know of the famous anime, but haven't watched it. I actually know an Akira...the brother of a friend's wife. My brother and I spent a couple fun nights taking in the spots with him in Tokyo. There's a poem or two about it in THIRST. He's nothing like the character Akira...just to be clear!