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    I see the "loss" lens, and don't want to discount it for whoever feels it...but I think of it as far more of a gain. I believe that the world could be better if people were allowed to truly be who they are. I hate the dynamic that exists -- this idea of being against things. I mean, shit, what's...
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    Bukowski culinary tastes

    Tacos!!!! (I might be projecting here...)
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    A Deep & Gorgeous Thirst

    Thanks for the good words. I'm glad the book worked, glad it finally made it, and truly appreciate your taking a chance on it and taking the time to review it. As for drinking: I certainly don't drink the same amounts as I used to. My rule is to drink only for fun, and to do it safely behind...
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    Like all the best people, you contain multitudes. I'm very glad for you, amigo.
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    Guerilla Poetics Project

    Hell's yeah!
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    A Deep & Gorgeous Thirst

    Sounds good. Meantime, when I get print editions back in stock, I'll pop over here and let you know. Thanks again!
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    A Deep & Gorgeous Thirst

    Hey there, Aficionado37, & cheers for the interest. Here's a few options, depending on how you prefer to read. Granted, shipping costs can potentially be a off-putting. Print Edition: Audio Edition:
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    A Deep & Gorgeous Thirst

    For those interested: Pre-Sale lasts until the 19th. (Image is an approximation, no headphones included!) This code saves you a fin at checkout. PRESALE$5 Lettered Edition comes with 2 Koozies, among a few other bits. Cheers!
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    A Deep & Gorgeous Thirst

    And I'm back on the sauce to do the same! Here's just a taste of what to expect come the end of May...
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    A Deep & Gorgeous Thirst

    May 24th, 2020. Here's a peek at a bit of the promo I've got planned.
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    Forum closing due to Coronavirus

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    A book of short stories

    I say the reason for most artistic projects is this: It's as good a way to pass our time as anything else...and maybe somewhere someone else gets something out of it. I say go for it...damn the torpedoes!
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    does not answer to her name

    Looking good! Congrats, Hooch!
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    A Deep & Gorgeous Thirst

    A Deep & Gorgeous Thirst - The Unabridged Audio Spring 2020...