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    Factotum - broken clock scene

    It was a test for John Martin to see if he was any better at editing math than poetry...
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    Bukowski gets 100 - German section

    Bukowski - 30% discount at City lights
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    Bukowski - Festival 2020

    Thanks Roni No problem for the German. As far as I'm concerned you can use Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese.
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    Classical Music Anyone? Has this article been seen here?
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    Good Documentaries

    Watch “RAMBLING BOY - Charlie Haden documentary” on Vimeo: You can stream this free until April 5th
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    Forum closing due to Coronavirus

    I read that in Germany people are hoarding sausages and cheese. For the wurst kaese scenario.
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    Article: Why We Can Stop Reading Charles Bukowski by Matt Reimann

    He should set up a NOT Bukowski forum and stay there.
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    Have you come across this one? Some hints for cooling down in Joshua Tree.
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    Forum update

    What's the name of that search engine company? Giggle ?
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    Classical Music Anyone?

    Gerry Mulligan plays baritone sax...
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    Shits and Giggles

    'I believe that they meant "crab".' I think it is crab that is meant. The characters are Korean I believe as I saw those words on some recipes for that dish.
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    We just lost Leonard Cohen