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    Erections, Ejaculations, Exhibitions and General Tales of Ordinary Madness

    My copy of Erections, Ejaculations, Exhibitions, and General Tales of Madness just arrived. I purchased it for 20 bucks and it's in really nice shape. I'm thinking I'm going to have to slip on a cover to this if I want to read it during my break at school. I'm not sure if this is best to be read...
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    My avatar is a photo I took while hiking on a local trail. And thanks for all the welcomes!
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    Good Documentaries

    I think there have been some pretty fabulous choices shared already. One that I found to be very interesting that hasn't been included yet is The Parking Lot Movie. It's nothing that will really challenge your way of thinking or blow your mind as many of the previously suggested films will do...
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    Hello all, Just introducing myself here. I just recently became interested in Bukowski. I have read a collection of his poetry and now I am hoping to explore more of his work. This site has so many great conversations about the work and I was hoping to read and join in on the conversation!