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    What other writers have you read because Bukowski told you so?

    I went back two years to beginning of this thread with the intention of reading through all of the posts that concerned what I consider to be the absolute greatest book that Buk helped guide me to read, but then I realized that all I wanted to say was that Journey to the End of the Night by...
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    "The King Of San Pedro" by David Barker

    that is a beautiful thing... thanks.
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    What are you listening to now?

    done left here mississippi fred mcdowell
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    Bukowski and Slam Poetry

    mmmmm.... Meth enemas.
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    Was Bukowski bisexual?

    one can only lol so much...right? Buk was not bisexual. (period) At least no more than your average male.
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    then we might have to merge this thread and the one started by Jurgen together.
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    Book Repair

    I saw this and thought of all the serious book collectors here at I am absolutely out of my element here, but maybe some of the links are helpful?:
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    Buk Flipping the Bird?

    "It gives me a sense of incredible contact with myself." So does masterbation.
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    Where B. fucks man in butt

    I never get tired of reading the title of this thread.
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    Seen any good movies lately? - Films you MUST see

    It's not a movie, but it is something you should get whether you saw the first time on TV or not (at least the first two seasons of it): Homicide: Life on the Street
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    Bob Dylan lovers of the World, Unite!

    I was all wrapped up in the interest I had in the subject. I think I read the thing in one night. 1fsh, I think you and this guy kept a little more objectivity that I did...I enjoyed reading it my way though: I hope there is a volume two...I've got...
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    Bob Dylan lovers of the World, Unite!

    anybody here read Chronicles: Volume One? I thought he did an excellent job there. Not poetry, but good writing in places.
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    Bukowski's Influence on Musicians

    he sells RVs to twenty-something, male, wanna-be-poets saying "Bukowski would have driven this."
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    New moderator

    I'm in. But 400 might be on the light side. I weigh in at about a deuce and a half, so...