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    charles bukowski t-shirt

    I bought it in winter of 2009. I am still wearing it, it is one of my favourite.
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    Young blood

    Hhehe. The book of course. It would not be nice to look like this.
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    Young blood

    It`s been a really long time. I was busy but I haven`t forgotten Buk and this forum. Actually, last summer I read three books of poetry (the poems selected from different books) and one day while I was reading, my younger son (aged 16 months) kept screaming until I gave him the book to play...
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    The best gift ever

    I`m not that lucky to get such a rare stuff. I`m quite satisfied I can read his original works. I`m sure some of his readers have several valuable and hard-to-find items. Those are priceless, especially for the owner.
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    The best gift ever

    Yesterday, we went to the city because our washing machine in the village is broken, and I took a piece of paper saying I had got a parcel from Japan. I was quite surprised, I didn`t know anyone there. So, we went to the post office and I took the heavy parcel wondering what that might be. I...
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    Will it make my t-shirt?

    "War all the time"
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    Notes of a dirty young frog

    Actually, pomme means an apple, but pomme de terre (ground apple, an apple from the ground) is a potatoe.:)
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    Poetry reading

    "23 is an interesting number, it has duality and trinity within, the lucky one is who can use that". I found it interesting too, I wanted to get it tattooed on my shoulder at one time, with an old locomotive, it would have been written on an old parchment in front of it, and the wings would have...
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    Ham on Rye Help?

    Go for it. Read the stuff you think it will have the heaviest impact. And play classical music, the things Buk loved the most.
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    In how many languages was Bukowski translated ?

    No, it`s not. Those are short stories This sentence contains an error, but all I could do is to say "Oh, no!", when I pressed the button. Native speakers will forgive me, because my English is not as perfect as I want it to be. The correct sentence goes like this: A friend of mine has...
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    I'm new

    Try to do it without drinking first and see the stream of the consciousness.
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    When did you discover Bukowski?

    That would be nice of you. I`ll send you my address.
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    Of all the books I have, not a single one is in cyrillic serbian, but in latin . The last and the newest are Pesme (Poems) 1, 2, 3, 4, and Tako mrtvi vole (selected stories), published by LOM, and selected, edited and translated by Flavio Rigonat. Check out the covers I put on the forum about...
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    In how many languages was Bukowski translated ?

    Here are my books in Serbian and Serbo-Croatian. A friend of mine has never returned me Pulp, so I am going to buy it again.
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    Peace. Enough is enough. Make love, not war.:)