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    Free Ephemera from bospress

    I just got my package today. Thank you so much Bill, these are beautiful pieces of typography. I love the paper, the type, everything. It's a quality I haven't seen before and now I'm definitely going to start paying more attention to plates and special ephemera like this. I'm looking at your...
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    Barbet Schroeder website: Invitation

    Yeah I got that Funhouse edition too.
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    Barbet Schroeder website: Invitation

    Actually, I JUST typed in the url for twitter/chinaski and whattayaknow? It's a woman. Interesting...
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    Barbet Schroeder website: Invitation

    Heh, good point. If there's one thing I realized early on, is that if you look into your favorite writer's lives too close, you might become disappointed really fast. This has been exacerbated through the phenomenon of Twitter. Although Buk did have some interesting episodes in his life...
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    Free Ephemera from bospress

    E-mail sent! :) Thanks for this opportunity, Bill.
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    Barbet Schroeder website: Invitation

    This article was an interesting read, especially now that I have the Bukowski Tapes on DVD to watch again.
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    Buk's Thanksgiving (excerpt of "Women")

    I remember a poem which went like: "Hmmm... love iz a fat turkey and every day is thanksgiving." Not sure what book it is from, though.
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    Movie Bombs - Films NOT to see

    For the love of God, don't watch The Mutant Chronicles when it comes out. I saw in on the internet, and it is so cheesy and plotless your mind will lock down. I mean, seriously. It's bad.
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    Will it make my iPod?

    12. "" - Richard Cheese Any track by Richard Cheese, really. People equals Shit by Slipknot, turned into an easy listening lounge music track. I think even Hank would smile at that. I recall from The Captain is out to Lunch, and I paraphrase: "When you mix people you don't get salad, you...
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    Issac Hayes dead

    Soul Men: Featuring (are you ready?) Bernie Mac, Isaac Hayes and ... Samuel L. Jackson. I'd be watching my steps if I was Jackson...
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    BoSP Book by Father Luke

    Father Luke, do you have a Myspace profile then? Where can I find a sample of your poetry? Thanks. And congrats on the book from BoSP.
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    So, what other poets get you like Bukowski does?

    Here's a quick translation I did of a few short prose texts, most of them written on the street, for the benefit of anyone looking to know more. He always carried a small pocket radio tuned to a 24 hour classical music station (he had trouble getting batteries sometimes), and occasionally a...
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    So, what other poets get you like Bukowski does?

    I know this will mean very little to anyone here, but one of my favourite poets, possibly even more than Buk, was a Portuguese born poet called Sebastião Alba. He was an extremely marginal poet who lived many years in Mozambique, and who...
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    New Nick Cave vid

    Cave is also losing his hair it would seem... it's almost impossible to believe this is the same guy from The Birthday Party albums. I also think the bad lip-synching is probably intentional.
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    The campaign to save Bukowski's De Longpre bungalow

    Personally, after reading most of this thread, I think the bungalow was better off being sold and done with, without stirring so much BS about Bukowski. The smell of money being messed around with smells too much like excrement, and I'm not a big fan of 'reconstructed rooms' either. What is the...