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    Hi Ya

    You have some real gold here.
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    Ya til des francophones sur ce forum ?

    That's fair. I've noticed over the years that fellow fans of something I like weren't people I wanted to hang out with so I get that.
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    Ya til des francophones sur ce forum ?

    So a site about Bukowski is NOT for a bunch of people who like Bukowski. Got it. Nice people here. Jesus. A lot of your other posts have an air of camaraderie that betrays this "not really".
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    Ya til des francophones sur ce forum ?

    Fair enough, but if I was a Bukowski fan that didn't speak the language I would also seek out fellow fans that I can connect with. Isn't that what we're here for? A conglomeration of Buk-ness?
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    Ya til des francophones sur ce forum ?

    They're just asking if people speak French. What's the harm? Honest question.
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    Recommended Bukowski books for newbie

    There are a few, for sure. "on Drinking" "On Writing" "Portions From a Wine-Stained Notebook" "Absence Of The Hero" "On Cats" "The Bell Tolls For No One" Those are a few. 1996-2009 was rough, but others have found uncollected or unpublished things since then and made sure they were treated...
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    the story about the censored edition from the book Woman

    It's all laid out here. It's a great read.
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    Just a reader.

    Why thank you. Longtime visitor... newly joined actual member.
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    Just a reader.

    Hi there, hello. Another Buk reader here. I think I read my first Buk in 1997. At the time I worked at a used bookstore so reading most of his work was simply a matter of waiting for it to come in. I've read pretty much anything that was easily accessible to a regular person (no manuscripts...