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    ? about Bukowski books in Serbian... Are they in the cyrillic serbian? just wondering... (thinking of a gift now..) OOO..... there's a headache for my brain waiting to happen.... :D
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    shipping costs

    Global Flat Rate can be a good way to go... Shipping to Serbia: I ship things now and then to a friend of mine in Beograd. It's not THAT remote. Sometimes it just costs and arm and leg. Koštati boga oca. (Hehe..great site Joe76)
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    Zdravo Joe. Welcome! What part of Serbia are you in?
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    ATTN: letterpressers who want to talk about letterpressing

    Catching up on the forum this AM.... Bill - The books look amazing! Great work. I bet the content is even just as interesting ; ) Rubyred- I had to make your card my wallpaper for the day. I've love reading this letterpress thread, thanks for keeping us posted. OK, That's all. :D
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    What are you listening to now?

    background noise band of the day: "This will destroy you" It's back and forth between them and mogwai. :rolleyes:
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    Would You Suggest Writing as a Career?

    why am i suddenly reminded of john nash? (ala hollywood's "a beautiful mind" ...) there's a code in there somewhere. :p
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    newfound love

    :confused: Server not found Firefox can't find the server at Eh.... ; ) OK. For a moment there I thought I was losing it. Nevermind. Welcome tryg1987 :D
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    All mod cons

    in other words, you mean a little less martian? :D soon they'll be signing "it's not east being green"...
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    All mod cons

    :D i'm late on this one, but congrats to you both. green = envy, no? envy the mod gods. alabaster statues will be next..LOL.
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    What I'm having for dinner.

    Miso soup. Not the instant kind. Maybe some shrimp. Debating on opening the Sake.
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    :D :D :D :D Now that was well said.. eh, carry on.
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    the funny thing is... despite the "prohibitions" true wormwood is ridiculous easy to get (even better, get it organic!), i grow it... :p Organic Wormwood and Absinthe is just as easy to make... I had an old customer who made it every year....I could make up a 'Buk Batch" :D ...
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    top 5 writers (bar buk)

    mmm... ok, in random order. but 7 since it's a nicer number to me. 1. Anna Akhmatova 2. Attila Jozsef 3. Sandor Kanyadi 4. E.M. Cioran 5. Anton Chekhov "Medicine is my lawful wife and literature is my mistress" ... I understand that. :cool: 6. Ayn Rand (only for Fountainhead) 7...
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    Hello !

    welcome! i have family in corsica but alas, i personally spend most of my time in rhode island. :p
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    ATTN: letterpressers who want to talk about letterpressing

    thanks rubyred for starting this thread ... : ) bill - very cool seeing you teach your kids this. my hats off to you.