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    25 years of .com

    Heh. Wiener lickers.
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    Is it live or is it Memorex?

    Ball gag. Heh. To make tonight extra special for you, I've been working on overcoming my gag reflex (wink wink). Bring on the dancing horses!!!!
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    Is it live or is it Memorex?

    Hey Hooch - whats your address? I've got some shiney new anal beads I'm dying to try out!!! :D
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    The Continual Condition

    Way to go Bill!! I've been laying low and just picked this up Saturday. It was great seeing you in the acks!!!
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    What are you listening to? The world needs to know.

    Globe of Frogs by Robyn Hitchcock. Good stuff.
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    What does your username mean?

    My user name is from my past life as the cargo operations manager for AF in CVG and my initials. Carry on.
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    Broadside give away

    Strangegirl, I bow down to thee.....:D
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    What are you listening to now?

    Been kinda digging XTC lately.
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    "near death" by allan weisbecker

    Very interesting stuff. Thanks for posting the link.
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    Link - Charles Bukowski Ate My Balls

    Scrotum Now THAT'S funny!! :D
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    I'm Katie

    Welcome to the family.
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    Hello everyone!

    Howdy and welcome.
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    The Best Collection of Buk's Short Stories

    I kinda like Hot Water Music. Great collection.
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    Need submissions - His Cock is Money

    Do you get paid by the inch? Good stuff! Real good. Thanks for the link.
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    New moderator

    Congrats!!!! Do us proud!