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    tip-toeing into this new place

    Oh man, I love this thread.
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    The Tao of Buk?

    Thanks a lot for your comments everyone! Erik, the similarities I saw were that the Tao often mentions letting things go their own way without interference. I guess what surprised me most about this poem is that it does seem to contradict with a lot of Bukowski's other work. He wrote often...
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    The Tao of Buk?

    I started reading "Sifting Through the Madness for the Word, the Line, the Way" today and only got through the first poem before I had to hurry to work. The poem was "So You Want To Be A Writer" I've also been turned on to reading the Tao for a bit now and noticed some striking similarities...
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    Bukowski duds for the toddler :D
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    tip-toeing into this new place

    This is truly the highlight of my day! Thanks for sharing Mystery Girl.
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    Bukowski Bust

    I remember seeing that Linda was selling the infamous Bukowski bust on e-bay not too long ago. Anyone know if it ever sold and for how much?
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    When did you discover Bukowski?

    mine was Women...It was given to me by my brother before I left San Francisco. I read it on the bus ride back to Texas. I had lived a fairly sheltered life up until that point. I had never read anything like it before. I kept looking around to make sure that no one was reading over my...