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    from the LA Freep, March 8, 1974

    Here's one more with 6 poems. It's possible, that 3 of them are uncollected or were retitled. I can't check that by myself because I don't own any pdf versions of the BSP books. At least I can't find them in the database. These are "Upon the landslide victory of Richard Nixon", "The Adding...
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    from the LA Freep, March 8, 1974

    I don't wanna be a pain in the ass, but is there any news on this? In the meantime, here's another one: "Notes of a Dirty Old Man" LA Free Press - September 22, 1972
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    New eBay listings - lotsa Buk this time!

    Well, just do maths for a little prediction: Open All Night Poems collected: 170 Known manuscripts: 70 Known manuscripts without differences: 7 Known manuscripts with differences: 63 Now judge for yourself!
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    Bukowski Pictures

    Well, maybe it's old news, but I didn't find any other thread concerning this. I just bought a used copy of "Angels, Anarchists & Gods" by Christopher Felver for € 4 and it contains two great BUK pictures. According to the book the correct year is 1991.
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    from the LA Freep, March 8, 1974

    Unfortunately all the LA Freep downloads are dead. Is someone willing to upload/share them again? To contribute something, here are some scans I just made: "Notes of a Dirty Old Man" LA Free Press - June 2, 1972 "800 Come - Drinking through a reading by Bukowski" LA Free Press - September...
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    Grip The Walls Variant?

    First step to solve the riddle: Replace "Purdy" with the other Al ("Fogel")
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    Sold 3 unpublished "Linda" letters w/ art for sale

    the first one is incredible, mjp should quote the introduction on the main site: „My name is “Hank“. I am Henry Charles Bukowski Jr. parents dead. I write under Charles Bukowski because my parents called me “Henry“ and I didn’t like my parents.“ very great stuff ...
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    Bukowski Sober Years

    Not that this is very important, but just for fun, I guess there was at least one occasion and that was Bukowski's wedding. In the story in German Penthouse (April 1986), Bukowski wrote that they drove home with their best friends after the wedding and had some more drinks. According to the...
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    Bukowski Sober Years

    'I Never Saw Him Drunk': An Interview with Bukowski’s Longtime Publisher
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    Unknown Bukowski pictures?

    I just received a photo as a give-away and noticed a lettering with Linda Lee's name on the backside. Does anyone know if this is her real signature? Any informations about the origin of these kind of pictures?
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    Bukowski poem for Jörg Fauser - "Joe"

    I just got this chapbook "Joe". The origin seems to be German "S-Press Tonband Verlag", so does anyone know if this is somehow approved?
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    The senseless, tragic rape of Charles Bukowski’s ghost by John Martin’s Black Sparrow Press

    "Die meisten, die auf dem Gebiet geforscht haben, brauchten immer wieder mal eine Pause und psychatrische Behandlungen um den Schock zu verkraften!" That statement isn't an exaggeration at all. With every new example of these forgeries, incredible anger rises in me. It really hurts!
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    New Bukowski website

    Just when I had given up all hope to ever see this treasure. Incredible! Thanks! I noticed some (secondary) dead links. Is it appropriate to point them out and also discuss some content or is it meant to remain as a (brilliant) remembrance?
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    French News

    Well, I guess you guys were all wrong; that infamous Famous German poet bobblehead! finally DOES look like Bukowski: