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    Bukowski in Hamburg.

    I can imagine, this clip has already been mentioned. Charles Bukowski's reading,...his "Thank you!", in Hamburg,...1978. I also imagine, that being 'in German', it scares many away. Most of the clip, Bukowski's reading, as well; is actually in English. ...with german translators talking 'over'...
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    Just stopping by

    Did anyone,..two, three, or four... ever get a copy of this? ...i mean 'the book'? Would anyone,..two, three, or four... be willing to 'leaned' it, to a pair of eager eyes? I'm thankfull, for any ponce. Gallagher p.s.: Looking in this lovely Ladies eyes,...and at her devilish smile...
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    Why have forums declined in use?

    I wish I could have hit the 'Love!' button(!), after reading this.
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    Stumbled apon this. I hope I'm not repeating what has already been.... 🤞 I was researching my favourite composer, in the moment: Charles Drumheller. I found some sheet music, of his, online; in this Library. Looking deeper, I...
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    'Street Musician'. 'Monika'. often klichees. I am real.
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    Greetings. Two points: 1.) Monika. 'Moni P' came about, because while creating an account; as 'Monika', I was suspected of being a spam. (This is somewhat of my Life-story.) 2.) I created an account, in order for my man, to communicate,..with this community. His...