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    The Last Night of the Earth Poems

    Maybe he was just pulling our leg.
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    The book goes more into detail in some small areas. That the movie left out. I like her work as well. I've read her another of her books, "Chicken With Plums". It's really good. Iran condemned the movie when it came out. I like how she brought out the whole truth of her life in it!
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    Hank forever !

    You may want check out a book of his letters called,"Living On Luck". This can show more about him as well. Another book of his for you would be,"The Last Night Of The Earth Poems". I have copies of both. So what was it from Bukowski that made you into a fan? Was it one of his poems that did it?
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    Favorite Bukowski You OWN

    "The Last Night Of The Earth Poems" and "Living On Luck". Pretty much in mint condition.
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    Bukowski/Carver - Dirty Realism Duo

    Hmmm some guys who are fishing come across the body of a dead girl but decide to go on fishing instead. I think that was used in the Robert Altman movie,"Short Cuts".
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    Black friday

    I stay away from Walmart altogether!
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    Anyone here read Harper's Magazine

    I rarely read any magazines these days. When I was in a bookstore recently and I was over by the rack. Most of what I saw seemed to be too obvious for me to stand. I know you can't judge a book by it's cover or in this case a magazine cover. But I just knew what it all meant and there was no...
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    Black friday

    Yes the Russian Revolution was 1917. Well I saw my cousin on Thanksgiving. He told me how he plans it all out for that day. Ugh is what I have to say to it! I do my shopping when there are no crowds to contend with at all. I'm glad that sort of thing is just for one day. If it was like that all...
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    S. Clay Wilson injured

    I remember seeing a MTV promo that he did I think it was back in the Eighties. I tried to look for it on Youtube but couldn't find it.
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    Mitch Mitchell dead.

    They were something else!
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    One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

    I remember reading it back high school.
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    Bukowski's LA

    I just have to watch "The Bukowski Tapes" where they take Charles on ride round LA and points out the areas that he's been to here and there.
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    Jonas Brothers

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    Buk bobble-head

    Burn it!
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    Which Bukowski poem seizes you with recognition?

    "The Secret Of My Endurance" does it or me! This was after I had listen to him recite it on cd. That I went looking for it. His way of life there in words.