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    Movies - Top 10 of all time

    No order No Country For Old Men Bladerunner Director's Cut (NOT the theatrical release) Heat The Searchers Unforgiven Groundhog Day Big Fish Collateral Lawman Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
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    New movie by Anton Corbijn (the director of "Control")

    The American was great if you really really really like gunsmithing. I yelled at the TV during the cafe talk, "OKAY WE GET IT, HE KNOWS ABOUT GUNS."
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    Forum fauna: The Detective

    I think columnist would be more fitting.
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    If you're looking for a salesman in Q4 2010, I might look you up. I'm seriously considering going to art school in OC.
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    Buying out of print books? (+my latest self portrait)

    PDFs are ok, and I have found a number of texts by Loomis (although I can't remember where I found some of them, I had like 4 books in PDF in addition to "Successful Drawing"), but I would like to find print copies as well, if possible. Partially for collection, and partially because I prefer...
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    Buying out of print books? (+my latest self portrait)

    So there are a number of out of print books about representational drawing/painting, illustration, and a multitude of other art-related subjects that I would kill to own. I briefly looked on Abebooks to see what they had available by Andrew Loomis (American illustrator) and from what I remember...
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    Concerning the Alphabet of Manliness (Tucker Max and feminazi blog ensue within)

    I forgot that I made this post. I wish I still had my copy of TAoM.
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    What are you drinking?

    I had Purple Haze for the first time at my place of work (not during, of course) and really loved it.
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    Last CD you bought/ Book you read

    I can't get past the tent part in Blood Meridian. Something just doesn't get me past that. I loved the road, though.
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    Who are your favorite poets? a.k.a. More Ananda Osel/Joseph Osel bullshit

    Ted Bundy? Al Bundy? Which was it? Oh, this thread is about Ananda Osel, sorry.
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    mens interest.

    This is definitely the right section and website.