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    New from Chance Press, redux! Hines chapbook

    recieved mine about 3 days ago ;)
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    welcome ... and sorry for your loss ;)
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    What are you listening to? The world needs to know.

    Mr. Bungle (self-titled) Masterpiece. ;)
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    New Buknet Band Forming!

    first cover request ... Iron Maiden - "Run To The Hills" with a K.C. feel \ -or- if that's TOO old skool: Death - "Pull The Plug" with some BeeGee's swagger. (p.s. I used to sing in some grind and death metal bands ... need grunts? holla' at me ;)
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    Apostrophes episode

    +1 on the subtitles. If anyone can pull that off it would be greatly appreciated ;)
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    RIP Les Paul

    RIP Les.
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    Apostrophes episode

    No problem, glad it worked for you. Remember me in your will, ha
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    Apostrophes episode

    And ... here you are. Hope this works for everyone :) (640 mb)
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    Apostrophes episode

    Hi Bogdan, thanks for the information. I'm attempting to upload the episode to the romanian server you suggested right now (1:20 am) but it's rather large and probably will not be available until tomorrow afternoon (EST) so long as all goes well. If I run into any trouble i'll be in touch and...
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    Apostrophes episode

    I'd be happy to attempt it if someone can recommend one of those sites that will allow a file over 600 mb. Any ideas?
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    A new Charles Bukowski-inspired magazine (buk scene)

    J&J ... just received my copy today. what a great job you've done, congrats and thanks! I guess I should read all of the earlier posts first but are there any plans for a Buk Scene 2? ;)
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    Hi, from Mexico.

    Welcome Nihil & Ella ;)
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    New from Chance Press, redux! Hines chapbook

    sending $14 this evening, thanks! ;)
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    welcome aboard ;)
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    the polite thing to do

    Nothings Shocking, classic! welcome JA ;)