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    Guitars, basses and other noisemakers

    It's living people alive now. So no to Cab Calloway. The Stones would be a contender. But the Stones never played Woodstock etc. Also, as you said, the Stones only tour every few years. Even in the 70's and 80's they'd do a big tour every three or four years. All the other arena bands are...
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    Guitars, basses and other noisemakers

    Cool article, Purple Stickpin. Oddly enough, the Grateful Dead is at the root of many live-sound innovations. I'm in the business of live sound and a surprising number of us are former Dead-Heads. As for the delay: we also have to delay signal going to stage monitors (wedges) for many...
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    Factotum - broken clock scene

    Now that we've figured out what time it was that day lets try following some of Buk's horse betting systems.
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    The Bukowski forum is closing

    What about the University Archive that has all the Buk items? Can someone reach out to them? This has been an absolute treasure trove of information and pleasure for me over the years. I am forever grateful to Hannah (MJP) for all of the hard work and dedication. I could never tell you how...
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    Questions on the meaning of some lines in Bukowki's 'Mine' from 'The days run away like wild horses over the hills'

    Buk was a no bullshit guy like Hem. Here's a good Hemingway quote: “Then there is the other secret. There isn't any symbolism. The sea is the sea. The old man is an old man. The boy is a boy and the fish is a fish. The sharks are all sharks no better and no worse. All the symbolism that people...
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    A story from a Bukowski Facebook group

    The story rings true to me but this, of course, is more plausible.
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    A story from a Bukowski Facebook group

    The story rings true.
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    Bukowski Transgender feelings?

    Let me put that scene into better context. Instead of viewing it through the 21st century lens, let us revisit the era Buk was writing about. It was the 1920s when Hank was growing up. There was no wall-to-wall pornography with loose gaping holes everywhere one looked. There wasn't even glossy...
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    "Memo to Charles Bukowski" - Carl Larsen - Wormwood Review No. 19 - 1965

    Isn't Larsen the one who told Buk: "I can write like you but you can't write like me." And later Buk said: "He only thinks he can write like me."
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    Bukowski, directed by James Franco

    The ashtray throwing incident I described in my post was actually an off duty stripper and a hardened old female bartender. I was 16 and working in the bar. The memories are enhanced by my not having been allowed in the place. Owner was a guy who looked just like (and probably belonged to the...
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    Bukowski, directed by James Franco

    Times have changed, drastically, it seems. These days the only "old timey" dive bars you're likely to find in any city of any size are the ones that had "DIVE BAR" written in bold print on page one paragraph two of the business plan and marketing stratagem. They will sink a couple of hundred...
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    Guitars, basses and other noisemakers

    Speaking of noisemakers, here's an interesting read for any Neil Peart fans. R.I.P. Origin story of Red Barchetta from the original author who had no idea his name was credited on the Rush Moving Pictures album until the internet reached him in 1996...
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    "The Hog" special edition

    Thanks MJP. I'm glad I didn't pay $27k for that.
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    "The Hog" special edition

    Does anyone have a resource that would allow me to read this story for significantly less than $27k?
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    Martin couldn't remodel a chunk of play-doh into a turd if his life depended on it. He can sure do it with poems though.. Edit: Thank you mjp for the hard work and manuscript uploads.