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    rubber letterpress teaser

    One of the things I learnt on this forum is about how exciting is to 'make' a book. The closer I got to something like this were some binding classes at high school. I applaud you, gentlemen.
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    New quarterly poetry magazine: MILK #1 - Call for submissions

    Milk arrived today in Uruguay. Friday 13th. There's hope somewhere around.
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    Amazing magic lantern!!! (Hi, Black Swan, :))
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    Nice memories, mjp. My father brought two of those (the classic grey ones) for my brother and me back in 1965, when he made his one and only travel to USA. He also bought nearly 40 reels... Including the '20,000 Leagues Under Sea'! I remember fondly the 'Lost In Space' one, the 'Woody...
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    Oh my...there goes $239.99 (Beatles mono box)

    Getting back to the 'sound improvement section' of this Beatles' thread, I'm glad about now being able to listen to, for example, a lot clearer 'Twist & Shout', both stereo and mono versions. And I'm also glad about the resurrection of Paul's bass, and how the orchestral sections on songs like...
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    Bukowski on radio

    roni: I just pm you with two links. Each one contain two episodes, four in total for 'Post Office'.
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    Bukowski on radio

    Heeeey, congratulations, roni & Ponder.
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    Bukowski on radio

    Hi Gerard! I missed something? :)
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    Bukowski on radio

    Hi roni! I'll pm you a couple of download links next week if interested. Stay tuned...
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    Bukowski on radio

    As some of you already know, I work at the public radio in Uruguay. We have four radio stations, one devoted entirely to classic music, one carrying news, another with local music and the FM station with local music, jazz, new age & classical... including Frank Zappa :) Well, there are plans...
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    Picture of you (yeah you!) in 1987

    It looks like I missed something great here...
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    Happy Birthday, mjp!

    Better late than never. Mejor tarde que nunca, as some fake uruguayans say. Happy Birthday!
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    send in those poetry submissions- the birth of chance press

    Nice pics, nice people working on them.
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    send in those poetry submissions- the birth of chance press

    It's ok, justine... We will be right here... Hey buzzcat, pass me that bottle... Thanks