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    Apocalypse Now 1979

    Hi does anyone know where to find the original version running 153 minutes ,to buy and down load online in the uk. Have it on Video and DVD but cant seem to find it to down load.......
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    Bukowski's financial situation 1959

    rereading Howard Sounes's "Locked in the arms" biography and curious if anyone has any information on how he coped with the $15,000 approximately worth $133,000 today,that he inherited on his Fathers death in 1959.
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    philip k androids dream of electric sheep / blade runner

    always found it odd that there's no mention of PKD or his novel in the opening credits of the film, and you have to wait till the end credits till their names appear......
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    What Are You Reading?

    New Grub Street by George Gissing published 1891 always try and get through a classic? once a year usually struggle, but chomped my way through this one, set in London's Publishing land of the late 19th Century with a group of writers facing both success and failure. Moving ,funny, heartbreaking...
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    What Are You Reading?

    almost finished " then we came to the end" by joshua ferris my best read so far this year,almost never bought it having spotted a blurb by nick hornby...a pet hate with me.
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    Bukowski used in Advertising

    while listening to some reading's on youtube,have come across some of his work been used by levi's...the laughing heart dewar's you want to be a writer would be interested to know if there are any other examples of his work been used in this way or in any other form of advertising.
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    Bukowski on the underground

    Much appreciated PS will try and hunt down the Penguin at the weekend also looking forward to checking out Lamantia and Norse.
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    Bukowski on the underground

    Trying to find a poetry collection that would be convenient to carry in a inside jacket pocket for my commute to work.And as beautiful as my ecco collection is, I'm trying to find something a bit smaller for a daily dose of Bukowski on the underground (please don't suggest a kindle) cheers...
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    hello from Islington london

    take most of my solace from the writing of Bukowski the music of Haggard and the beverage of Arthur Guinness..