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    The Status Q... Copkiller #1 (1968)

    Was this the inspiration? 1968 Pandemic (H3N2 virus)
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    Bukowsky Written Up As A Woman

    Maybe Red got him to sign it?
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    An Evening at Buk's Place - Beat Scene Press

    I guess folks don't want to comment because the folks here don't see anything new. I will say that your Bukowski interview book was an important compilation, but nearly every interviewer asked the same questions over and over through the years. That's not your fault, but the compilation suffers...
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    Bukowski Transgender feelings?

    I think this story is probably the most honest piece of work that I've ever read about pre-teenage male puberty. I would question any male who said they didn't have some kind of sexual confusion at that age. By the way, the "legs thing" would be the biggest turn on as an adult -- and let's keep...
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    Bought this buk book and it has interesting inscription

    I recently purchased the photocopies of the letters that were included in the book from the editor, Steven Moore. I didn't remember this from reading the book, but it's funny how he signs his name "Charles." It may as well been "Chas..."
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    Grateful Dead Thread

    I'm digging the Allman Betts band. Good original stuff.
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    “As a woman, how could I like Bukowski?”

    There are plenty of great poems that are not about women or alchohol (just skip the ones about horses.)
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    Bukowski, directed by James Franco

    I think it was completed, but shelved.
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    happy birthday MJP

    SAXON Frontman BIFF BYFORD Unveils Video For 'Me And You' Song From 'School Of Hard Knocks' Solo Album
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    happy birthday MJP

    Stop wasting the server space like it was toilet paper. Stop posting photos greater than 80 pixels. Stop acting like a teenage boy jerking off on social media. Stop waking up in the morning wishing you had not posted that... even though you can't remember exactly what "that" was. Let's keep it...
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    10 years of Bukowski forum? How did that happen?

    If it wasn't for this forum, so many of the important details would have been lost. I have been told by long-time booksellers, people intimately involved with Bukowski, and some writers from those times, that this site has so much "disinformation." We all have opinions in the forum, but the...
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    Henry Bukowski

    Does anyone know the earliest Bukowski signature that's been documented to date?