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    "Find what you love and let it kill you"

    It's spreading like V.D. (i guess that dates me.) I saw this one today.
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    On eBay now Rare Quicksilver Magasine of 1958 is on e-BAY auction

    I saw it and drooled, but Pavlov shocked me when I went to bid.
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    What are you listening to? The world really needs to know. Volume 8

    I see this as a potential comeback single for Driven And Crying, but they've been known to fail... Just like Biden...
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    Bukowski Drawing

    Thank you, this is F'N awesome.
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    Bukowski Drawing

    "I see that a number of universities have copies of the LA Free Press, but none that I'm likely to be near anytime soon. Anybody know of an easier way to peruse the original columns?" It is from an LA Free Press short story about him drinking with a woman and a bartender that keeps turning into...
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    Greta Thunberg

    Sorry, I know this is sideways, but hopefully you'll find this a little funny. I got hired by a big bank and was told to report to the office at 9am and call Gertha Crumpler to let me in. So I'm sitting there waiting for what I expected would be a rather large white woman with a German accent...
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    Charles Bukowski : " Der etwas andere Andernacher "

    I only speak Mexican and American, but I enjoyed it. Thanks!
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    Charles Bukowski Uncensored LP

    I should have mentioned this is for Independent Bookstore Day. I guess it's similar to Record Store Day. That's why it has a "limited" edition of 3,000.
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    Charles Bukowski Uncensored LP

    Hey, Jesus is all right with me,
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    On eBay now Charles Bukowski - ORIGINAL cassette tape of reading, 1977 - Santa Barbara CA

    If these were recorded with a High Bias Metal cassette, I might be interested, but I have delicate tastes....
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    A couple of awesome pieces

    A couple of awesome pieces from Mr. Ahab. Someone already got the review copy.