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    Jory Sherman - In All His Glory

    Fuck westerns.
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    Don't Try - what would/will your epitaph be?

    what are you looking at?
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    Don't Try - what would/will your epitaph be?

    If i die happy,the world never owned me.
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    Don't Try!!

    Thanks for the links.Sorry about starting a thread about this.:o
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    Don't Try!!

    Apologies if this has been posted.I found nothing using the search feature. On Buk's final resting place it reads "Don't try" What do you think he meant by this.A lot of people could draw different opinions on what this means.I'm curious to know what the users on this site think about it...
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    Best Bukowski Novel

    Just finished Ham On Rye and i think it's crept into my favorite.So hard to choose really.
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    A Bukowski line that made you laugh out loud!

    People always talked about the good clean smell of fresh sweat. They had to make excuses for it. They never talked about the good clean smell of fresh shit.
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    Cheap Bastard!!

    Yeah i've tried a few around my area,haven't found shit yet.Even at my local library,the Bukowski books are always out.I own Factotum,Women and Post Office.Just want to get the rest eventually. Any links to Post Office or women???
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    Search on for the mysterious "Father Luke"?

    I can't stand commercial rap especially the southern stuff.
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    New Blood

    What's up Learner. Buks the man isn't he??
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    Would You Suggest Writing as a Career?

    Writing as a career.Not for some Bukowski fans.I think they would be struggling with their own style and subliminally be writing Buk rip offs.
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    walking on egg shells

    Embrace it!!!!
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    What are you listening to now?

    I'm listening to my irregular heart beat.
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    newfound love

    Another youngun on board.Welcome.