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    Which is your favorite poetry book?

    I like Love is a Dog from Hell and Burning. I did like reading Roominghouse too, but since Martin has messed with that one, that really puts a stick in my ass. Hmph!
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    some stupid art related request

    i don't know how many digital artists there are among us, but I'm looking to get a graphics/drawing tablet for my birthday and would like to be pointed in the direction of some good tablets and software. i can handle the prices of the software if ya get what I mean, but the tablets? I'm on a...
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    Me me bukoskme

    nice words, and welcome.
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    The Bukowski/classical music link

    Unlucky for the parents, they had to put up with it even though they'd rather listen to whatever pop or rock station was playing what. haha I'm in my teens now and somewhat like you in the respect that I've only started to go in search of composers, their stories, different pieces...
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    The Bukowski/classical music link

    Personally speaking, I've liked it ever since I was an infant, but never really had any in-depth knowledge of it. For instance, when I was being a little shit or refusing to sleep, my parents put it on the radio and it would calm me down. I enjoy reading Buk's work in general, but also use it...
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    and a warm welcome to you too!
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    New poetry collection: "Storm for the Living and the Dead"

    Just got mine today. Great start to the new year.
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    How rare is my signed and numbered copy of <whatever>?

    I was wondering how common or uncommon later printings of hardcovers are. My Love is a Dog from Hell hardcover states that it's from 1998 and that it's a 27th printing. Pardon me for derailing, but I didn't figure it would be good to waste a thread on this one question. :)
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    Happy birthday Second Hand

    Well, um, that's one way to celebrate it I guess... :p
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    Hello everyone...

    welcome, welcome:)
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    welcome :)
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    Favourite Picture of Bukowski

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    New poetry collection: "Storm for the Living and the Dead"

    what do you all make of the new book so far? looks good though, will definitely be purchasing this one!
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    Cigarette Bro-Poet from Portland

    uh, this guy makes me feel much better about my stuff! let's just leave it at that :DD
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    Looking for a poem...

    Indeed, that's the very one! *makes note*